Purse stolen on 46a bus to Donnybrook

Yeah, I had very sentimental pink-salmon purse taken out of the pocket of eastpak rucksack this evening. It had been left in the luggage compartment at the very front of the bus at approximately a quarter to seven in the evening rush hour. It occurred on the 46a bus from O’Connell St.. It was packed to the hilt, and I could not observe its presence at all. I’ve a terrible habit of leaving expensive stuff, such as iPad, laptop, and camera, which are items I haul around on a regular basic. I had an appointment earlier on in the day, and brought the iPad, of which a trade-in shop was keen to buy off me, so thought of killing two birds with one stone. I was told that iPad 3 will soon be on the market. It was suggested that I should trade in iPad 1 before it came out, as I’d get a far better return. I took this advise and received E400 – which was not a bad deal at all. Luckily for me I knew that I’d have to show pass on the bus, so decided to place trade in cash in iPad empty pouch, which was nestled safely in the rucksack on my return journey to Donnybrook. Had I not done so without fail I’d have been minus that amount when purse was stolen. So taking that into consideration, I was fortunate to be bereft of only E10 in cash, E10 in mobile top-up and bus-pass, and a lot of cards that can be replaced.

I knew the first thing that had to be done – come hell or high water – was to go immediately to bus-depot and report loss of purse. The most important thing, though, was to ask person at the desk to allow me to phone the bank emergency service to report missing credit card. The raison d’être for that was to have card instantly cancelled, as silly me had gone and left pin number in the purse. How stupid can one get indeed. The bank would never reimburse me with loss of stolen monies, as that comes under self-negligence. It quite reminds me of an aunt of mine who once left new mercedes car with keys in starter. She too came under self negligence category and subsequently received nowt from insurance company.


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