Hard Times come again no more -Talk to me of Mendocino

Kate & Anna McGarrigle and friends (Rufus Wainwright – son of Kate -, Emmylou Harris, Mary Black, Karen Matheson, Rod Paterson) perform Stephen Foster’s Hard times come again no more during the Transatlantic sessions.

When I feel the world wants to slap me down; step over and turn its back on me; block me; use shunning tactics, and make hidden jibes because of not being intellectual enough to engage with the world etc. I just simply switch off and think that there is another format that can be turned to, to which one doesn’t need to have to depend on approval of the world. I leave you with this beautiful haunting sad rendition of Hard Times sung so gracefully by so many great singers.

Here’s an informative Youtube comment via Mark Myers

Stephen Foster was one of my fellow Pennsylvanians. To me, Foster is one of the top 5 American Composers of all time, his songs are products of their time. This song “Hard Times” was popular during the Civil War, along with his timeless “Was My Brother in the Battle?” Among the many songs he composed, “Old Folks At Home“, “My Old Kentucky Home, Goodnight” & “Beautiful Dreamer” are beautiful. Stephen Foster, Thank You for your gift to America.  

I lost an uncle very recently. I felt very close to him. The painful memory is still very raw indeed. I’m very grateful to the few special people who acknowledged his passing; and those of whom I asked to sympathise; out of sheer desperation and isolation of knowing, that getting feedback due to not being in the limelight, was, inevitably, expected.

I was also thinking of Anna McGarrigle who passed away, as I watched / listened to Hard Times. I just could not leave this post without including a very poignant song by Kate & Anna – Talk to me of Medocino. There is an exquisite montage of photos, which are very apt.

Whenever the world lets me down, I know that listening to such music puts the heart back into my life. I would like to share these videos with people out there in the blogosphere who feel that sometimes they can’t cope because of let-downs and loss. Not forgetting all my fellow industrial *school* survivor counterparts.


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