Simon&Garfunkel: The Sound of Silence

This video footage of duo is powerful. I’ve been a fan of Simon&Garfunkel all my young life.

The duo rose to fame in 1965, largely on the strength of the hit single “The Sound of Silence“. Their music was featured in the landmark film The Graduate (1967), propelling them further into the public consciousness.

I was still in Goldenbridge at the time, and to think that I never knew the two gifted musicians existed then, as it was only during the early seventies  – the advent of the Kennedy report – that inmates were able to listen to records in industrial *schools*. I saw The Graduate film umpteen times in the cinema thereafter and was thrilled to listen to the SOS song. I learned a lot about America via music and films – as well as from the decade and a half experience of emigration to England, as did countless Irish people. Not only were inmates insulated in Goldenbridge and other industrial *schools* and Magdalen laundries, etc, but the country as a whole was very insular as well.Betwixt Joan Baez & Bob Dylan and the former S&G duo they all helped me sail through life amicably – from a music perspective. It’s delightful listening to this 2009 reunion rendition at Madison Sq. Gardens, NYC, USA. I see they were inducted into the hall of fame in 1990. What an honour indeed!

I’ve returned to listen to the duo again. I’ve just devoured the centre of the screen with the sounds emanating from their voices. The depth of intensity in their voices knows no bounds. Age has not swiped them of their notgod given talent. Powerful rendition. So so in unison.

Now I’m off to listen to an older version, as I can’t get enough.

@LOcculta I’d surmise you’d enjoy Anúna as they too do “pitch-against-pitch” / “point-against-point”. Creating polyphonic sounds rules ok



Shane at twitter was telling me that he loves this song. He referred me to a German group who did a polyphonic sound rendition, which he liked very much.

@LOcculta I’d surmise you’d enjoy Anuna, as they too do “pitch-against-pitch” / “point-against-point”. Creating polyphonic sounds rules ok
Shane favorited your Tweets
@LOcculta Must watch out for them on Youtube. I like choral music. I was a past member of a few choral societies. I adore Deutsche lieder.

@MarieTherese39 I love that song. Try it in polyphony, it’s really great: …

@LOcculta Wow – that’s fantastic too. Thanks for keeping me up to date. Did you see the film ‘Gregorian’? I guess G-chant springs to mind?!

@MarieTherese39 alas, I didn’t. Gregorian band (who are German I think) re-does a lot of popular songs in polyphony, I think they’re great.


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