Adieu! Adieu! Adieu! Penultimately!

Sept flower taken by Marie-Therese O’Loughlin

Sometimes when you think the world and its mother is against you… and has drenched you out. You suddenly get some warmth peeping through, to slowly dry you out. You discover that there are people out there who will give some of their time to say genuine things. For instance – I received the following comment from Adrienne Foley. It was in response to a letter post Adieu! Adieu! Adieu! One response begot another so to speak.

Hi Marie Therese,

What a beautiful letter thank you so much, I’m sorry to say I only saw it yesterday as you popped into my mind and I decided to check to see ”if ” in fact you had replied, now I am so glad I did. I’ve just been reading some of the stories you put up here about your life…. you should be very proud of yourself and how far you have come in dealing with all the hurt and the lies you encountered, regardless of what life has thrown at you over the years ….you survived . I think you are a wonderful, talented , strong gifted women so keep on writing and I love the photo’s!!! “It’s better out than in” as they say and it heals the child within us all to speak out ….

I just finished reading Evelyn Doyle’s second book during the summer, about when her father gets them out of the home and moves to England. It’s horrific what happened to her and many other’s.

Also Martha Long’s ”Ma He Sold Me For A Few Cigarettes” and ” Ma I’m Gettin Meself a New Mammy” are great, she has more, but I haven’t read them yet….something to do over the winter. I may rush off now, kids to bring to a match, sorry my reply is so short, but I hope to here from you again soon.

P.S. Just to add, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence either!

We should never hide where we came from or who we are, just to ease someone else’s mind and keep their secret hidden, after all ….we did not ask to be brought into this world, but yet we pay the high price of someone else’s mistake all those years ago!! Our lives, names etc., changed forever ……the unwanted! On a lighter note, keep up the studies and we’ll talk soon.

Thanks Adrienne.

P.S.: I think the yellow flowery weed is gorse? Will check it out.


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