Harold’s Cross / Portobello meanderings

This photo was taken at Harold’s Cross road park a while ago. I lived not too far away at one time and always meant to get a photo of the wonderful display of annual perennial flowers. The park is betwixt two roads that merge together to take one towards the city centre in one direction and to Rathgar in the opposite one. It’s not very large. It’s so well kept and a credit to the Co Council workers. It has a really small nice play-ground for the children with swings and slides. When the weather permitted, I liked coming here to read and just soak up the ambience.

This is a separate part of the park, which sees St. Clare’s convent in the background. It is kind of sad that in all the years I lived in the area I never once went in to say hello to a teaching nun who was part of the Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan community.

I knew the very gentle sister – albeit not very well, and had oftentimes seen her on the bus, but just couldn’t bring myself to say hello because of all the controversy regarding industrial *schools*. You see – I  had never told anyone in the small close-knit community of BJD about my institutional background.

I had once visited Sr. Concepta – who was principal at St. Clare’s Primary school in BJD. She was always exceptionally kind to me – at the Harold’s Cross convent, when she moved here after the convent closed down in BJD. Last time I heard she’d moved to Kenmare, Co. Kerry, which would have been the place she started out her religious profession.

The whole thing rather saddens me, as the same was applicable with my recently deceased uncle, whom I lost all contact, because of the same issue.

I took this photo of McGowan’s pub from within the park.

This one is also taken from inside Harold’s Cross park.

I meandered on down towards my favourite Portobello canal haunt and came upon the Dublin bikes for hire.

The bikes are very popular in Dublin. One very rarely sees the vans that carry them. There were no swans in the canal, so my attention was turned to my immediate surroundings.

Here are some more bikes that were parked further up the road. They’re fine and sturdy.

I really missed not seeing my favourite swans, there were none at the canal at all. I was very puzzled about them, and really missed their presence. I therefore concentrated on some young ducks.

I never tire of taking photos of mallards. Look at the neat curly tuft at the tail-end!

The mallards have a hard time with their young, as giant water rats and other predators see them as easy prey.

This is a nice photo of the branches almost touching the water. It is actually my favourite one because it is so focused and clear.

Here’s another one of a healthy looking teenage mallard. I think the male ones are usually bigger in appearance.

I like this one too with the last of the sun peeping thorough. It looks just like a lamp-post.


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