Last of the summer flowers

Photo: Marie-Therese O’Loughlin

It won’t be too long now before most of the flowers will have gone to their reward. So too will this journal, as the following is what is presently showing when uploading snaps.

Looks like you have used 2.7 GB of your 3.0 GB upload limit (89%). Since you are close to your limit,…

Am a devil for taking photos. I find it helps enormously in saying things, that wouldn’t otherwise be that easy to express. They give me food for thought. They’re an excellent tool for people – such as myself – who is into adult literacy education. However, it can be hard talking to oneself for most of the time – which is what has occurred here from the very outset. So… better to dispense with the journal when it reaches a 100/%, rather than keeping it on indefinitely. Besides – it would become too clustered if its life-force were forcefully extended. Every flower blooms only for so long. Every dog has its day. I must bow out gracefully.

Penultimately – I’d like to say thank you to the two or three people who saw fit to acknowledge my existence here. I’m ever so grateful. I would like very much to continue on, but the incentive is not there, when there is hardly a commentator to acknowledge one’s presence.


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