Congratulations / Comhgáirdeas [koh-gawr-dyas] Katie Taylor / Adam Nolan

Katie Taylor was born in 1986. It’s incredibly hard to believe that a star was born for Ireland in the same capital city [London – Olympics 2012] and the same year respectively, that I had arrived back to Ireland from – after a 15 year sojourn. How time flies! Katie is history in the making. Bray and Ireland are so proud of her.

Blimey – I’m a trifle late in posting some photos I took of Katie Taylor and Adam Nolan on banners I saw in various parts of their hometown – Bray – when I was there a short while ago. I clean forgot until Katie and co were mentioned by Trish at twitter  – who is also a native of Bray, and doubtlessly very proud of her own co natives.

I hope to see all the Irish Paralympic medal Winners on the #latelate with Katie & Co. #inspirational

Incidentally – Mary-Lou’s (my English first cousin) daughter attended Paralympics dressage event with her friend. The whole family – for generations – have been/are very horsey folk.










The New York Times:

BRAY, Ireland — For the Irish, Katie Taylor is more than a great athlete sprung from the native soil; people speak of her as if she has sprung from themselves, for she seems everyone’s sister, their daughter, their friend. She is the epitome of the strong-willed Irish lass. She has known what she wants out of life: a gold medal in boxing. And she has gone for it. Well done to Adam for getting so far in the London Olympics.

There was such a buzz in Bray when I was there a fortnight ago. They were celebrating Katie’s fine win and Adam’s success in establishments everywhere in this small town on the periphery of the heart of the garden of Ireland – Co Wicklow.

Katie and Adam (to a lesser extent the latter) will go down in Bray history. There must be something in the sea air?

An Garda Siochana have Adam to be proud of indeed.

Even the Hibernia hotel dog resident had to view her/his surroundings and lap up all the excitement.

I must go in for afternoon tea to the Hibernia next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

All the best, Katie. from all at Jim Doyle’s and Mná na hÉireann.

I second Trish in the sentiment – Katie / Adam are inspirational. I hope young people get encouragement to strive for great achievements that they gained in their young lives.

I’ll leave the penultimate words to Bray Wanderers. Congratulations / Comhgáirdeas [koh-gawr-dyas] Katie Taylor.

Adam Nolan at Bray. I wonder are those the same rocks from whence I sat upon when videoing Bray Head a fortnight ago?

The Irish Times – CIARA O’BRIEN

Thousands of people are expected to head for Bray on Monday to welcome home Olympic gold medallist Katie Taylor and teammate Adam Nolan.

Bray Town Council today announced plans for a ceremony and concert on the seafront, with events kicking off at 3pm.

The town has seen an influx of visitors in recent days, with about 6,000 people showing up for an open-air screening beside the bandstand on the seafront of Katie Taylor’s gold medal bout.

The crowd have also been behind garda Adam Nolan, who fought in the welterweight division. Nolan is from Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, but stationed in Bray.

Both fighters will be transported by open-top bus to the bandstand and presented to the waiting crowd at 5pm.

Bray outlines Taylor homecoming plans – The Irish Times – Sat, Aug …

Well done, Adam, you will be hailed a hero in Enniscorthy, that’s for sure. Up the yeller- bellies!

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