Goldenbridge secret rosary bead factory excerpt

Donnybrook garden flower with Goldenbridge secret rosary bead factory excerpt [23rd Aug. 2012] – by Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin


One thought on “Goldenbridge secret rosary bead factory excerpt

  1. Hello Marie-Therese

    I find your page both heartening and for me, full of despair. I am a survivor of Goldenbridge but ‘through the back door’ if that is a way of describing it. I am married to a survivor, and to be truly honest with you, I never knew the full story of my wife’s incarceration in Goldenbridge until I was married to her for some time. Slowly the story began to unravel. Slowly the horror of her experience has come to light…and to try and capture the experience of her life in the industrial school would make a huge demand on any one person….why?…because it is barely impossible to find the words to describe what ‘the residents’, ‘the survivors’, ‘the incarcerated’ endured in that place of evil…I do not have the words to describe it now but I will find them. I will…..until then, I thank you for your bravery in publishing this site on the internet. J. P.

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