More Bray Head

Published on Aug 23, 2012 by 

I spent an afternoon in Bray on the 21st August 2012. It was a very pleasant experience. If I’d known beforehand that I could have taken a direct bus (145) from Donnybrook, D4 I would have gone there much earlier in the year.

The weather is typically interchangeable in Ireland and a sea-side resort such as Bray expresses that changeability so much because it has the sea and the mountainy type head that juts out to sea. It was really nice at the time of taking the above video and photo here. Then suddenly the whole environment changed….

Here one sees the mist rolling on to the sea and the Head became all smokey and dusty, as the skies all merged together to form a smokey misty horizon. The water turned foamy then green with purple shadow reflections.

The intermittent black skies turned the whole area into night-time. It looked haunting – particularly over the mini mountainy head that created a black shape that jutted out to sea. The atmosphere was gothic like, then it changed just as quickly into brightness and cheerfulness.

There were a lot of people relaxing themselves on the rocks. See: Anthea and family and friend, one of whom was reading a book.

It was an exciting time for some young people exploring the sea for seaweed.

Due to the inclement weather, there were not a lot of sea-side resorters to be had, but those who were there were thoroughly enjoying the peaceful beautiful atmosphere.

That included the dogs who were in their element in the wide open spaces where they could run free. One came up behind at me as I was near the waters edge. It startled me for  a moment. Bray is a dog’s walking paradise.


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