Bray Head Co Wicklow Ireland

I took a trip to Bray, Co Wicklow on the 21st August 2012. I live in Donnybrook. Bray is only a half an hour away by 145 bus. It goes via N11 Dublin / Wexford route. It was raining cats and dog all the way to Bray. However it thankfully stopped upon arrival there. I headed straight to the beach in order to get some video coverage. I had forgotten anything about Bray, as I’d not been there since I was a young teenager (many moons ago) when I climbed Bray Head – which can be seen in the distance. Young Irish couples love climbing Bray Head. Considering it had been pouring out of the heavens and the clouds were black everywhere not too long before the footage here. I think I didn’t too badly.

I had to take rescue in a type of bus shelter on the promenade at first as the sky became as black as coal and the rain lashed down. I’ve not noticed very black skies right overhead in Dún Laoghaire as much as I did nearby Bray Head. I wonder whether it has anything to do with the mountainy area right by the sea. The blackness blanketed the whole whole of the sea area, it was a strange sight. Bray Head is very scenic.

It reminded me of the haunting gothic views one sees in films such as ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne Du Maurier, especially the way it juts out to sea and the extreme interchangeable lightness and darkness. Very moody. I spotted a train right where the tip points out to sea. There is a train that does the coastal route, I would have used it when taking train to / from Enniscorthy, Co Wexford in the past.

I sat on the rocks filming and reading, and it was so relaxing. Children kept walking barefooted on the rocks and lapped up the daringness of the activity. There was a friendly peaceful atmosphere.

I took this photo and it instantly brought me back in time. I know that children from Goldenbridge went to Brittas bay – which is a beautiful beach not terribly far from here. However, I think we sometimes went to Bray. The sense of jà vuj I got was uncanny. One would think too I was after asking everyone to clear the decks to take this photo, with not a solitary being in sight. Perhaps they ran for cover when they saw the black clouds descending for the umpteenth time. I really like this photo. The beach is similar to St. Leonard’s, East Sussex, England where I resided for a year as a young person. There is a mixture of sand, pebbles; seaweed sticks; rocks and mountainy bits. Bray, it appeared to me to have a concoction of everything. It’s a dog’s paradise too. Very bohemian and earthy. I liked it very much. It would suit my temperament.


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