Bray Head Co Wicklow Ireland Anthea with family and friends

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Anthea with family and friends at Bray Head, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 21st August 2012

I captured two families in the video, so thought it only proper to tell them what was happening, that I was creating an amateur youtube film and would they mind if they were in it. So I beckoned to one of them who came over to me. I discovered that they were German. I explained to Anthea – who spoke excellent English – as she is a teacher of English in the rural part of Hamburg from whence she derives, that I did this sort of thing as a hobby, that I go to different scenic places and capture the atmosphere and then try to write about it. I didn’t tell her though that I too was doing it to help with writing skills. I subsequently had a long fantastic chat with Anthea. Her son of sixteen eventually came over and he shook hands with me and told me that he was learning English.

Anthea with family and friends at Bray Head, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 21st August 2012

I suggested to them both that they should all try to speak English with each other on their last day in Ireland – which was to be the next day. The boy thought it was an excellent idea. I told them to go to Dún Laoghaire if they had any spare time. I explained that they would see a lot of yachts and even ferries going off to England. Anthea then told me that there is a harbour in Hamburg that sees masses of ships and boats and everything nautical there is to feast ones eyes on – so with that information to hand what I would have been describing to her about what lies in Dún Laoghaire would have been only minuscule in comparison. I forget that people are coming from far bigger countries than Ireland.

Anthea/family teased each other with seaweed sticks. :-)! Bray Head, Co. Wicklow Ireland 21st August 2012

Anthea / family teased each other with seaweed sticks. 🙂

So -if you are all looking on… I bid Hallo to Anthea und Familie. Ich hoffe, Sie alle genossen Ihren Aufenthalt in Irland. Haben Sie alle Dun Laoghaire gehen? Ich hätte dich gewarnt, dass es sehr teuer ist, zu essen gibt. Ich denke, das YouTube-Video von Ihrer Familie und Freunden ist sehr gut. Ich hoffe, Ihre Familie und Freunde genießen das Video? Ich glaube, Sie sehen alle so herrlich auf Film. Es war ein momentanes Ding, nicht vorgeplant und das ist, was ich besonders daran mag. Ich hoffe, Sie alle wieder sicher nach Deutschland. Ich genoss das Gespräch mit Ihnen. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute. Auf Wiedersehen.

Guess what…Anthea said that whenever I go to Hamburg that I was to look her family up. I felt all lachrymose, as I so often feel so left out of this world and with people I know for years. Here was someone, who for the first time in a long time had made me feel welcome.

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