I get e-mail

I just got this via e-mail

Dear Marie-Therese
I have just read your account of life at Goldenbridge. I am so sorry for what the state and the Roman Catholic empire has done to you and other children there. as soon as I finished it I went straight to hug my children.
This only happened via a system of silence and complacency, and brave ladies like you are preventing it from happening today by telling your story and speaking out against this sort of perverse cruelty.
I have no words of inspiration for you, I am feeling quite numb to be honest. I have always hated the Catholic church and although nothing they do surprises me, this has brought tears to my eyes. I am admin of a facebook group called “We Hate the Catholic Church” and that is my main platform on which to speak out about them. your account of Golden bridge is there on the group page. I was raised in Crumlin not far from Goldenbridge and have heard mention of it over the years, yet this is the most detailed account I have ever read. I simply cant thank you enough for this!
I hope you now have peace in your life, although I know you will never see real justice for the crimes against you.
one thing i can promise you is that I will not be silent nor complacent about such things ever.
Sending you best wishes with all my heart,
Tony Halpin.

Thanks, Tony for your kind words. Yeah, the Catholic church has a lot to answer for the way it treated children in the past in Ireland. 165,000 children went through the tortuous system. The religious were trained not to get too attached to children, hence never being hugged as a child in all the years I spent in that despicable hellhole. I love to see children getting hugged, even if I still don’t know the meaning of what it’s liked to be hugged. The dogs in the street knew that children in industrial *schools* were not being treated properly, because if they did, they would not have terrorised the boldest of children by threatening them with industrial *schools* if their bad conduct didn’t cease.

The judiciary and the government colluded with the religious in this conspiracy of silence. Once children were convicted of wandering; having no proper guardian; and other trumped charges, some, even at the mere age of three years old were convicted till they reached the ripe old age of sixteen. The religious owned their bodies; minds and souls and would shape them into their ways. They were the products of fallen women and their offspring had to repent for the sins of their unwashed, unholy mothers.

Your kind e-mail is inspiration enough. Thanks for your empathy.

I do read Facebook accounts. I don’t have a personal account. I personally couldn’t cope with being defriended, so hence not going down that route. I don’t have to deal with rejection. I saw too much of it during my childhood to do me for a lifetime.

Yeah, a lot of kind people from Crumlin would have taken children out for weekends and holidays. The freedom they would have had playing with skipping ropes on the street and the openness would have given some little bit of sanity to their otherwise hemmed in lives in the industrial *school*. All they had to play for very short periods was a built up prison walled yard, with not a flower in sight. Children were deprived of basic aesthetic needs, their aestheticism was to gained by kneeling and praying at the religious statues and paintings in the chapel. the chapel that caused them to faint in because of being starved of proper nutrition.

I’m aware that if we speak about it, we are also cast aside by people who do not belong to the church. For years I was stepped over by people who called themselves educated


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