Odessa, Delaware America

I’ve been interacting of late with Carole, who comes from a city in America called Odessa, Delaware. I’m forever looking at the map of America. So I went exploring to see where was this state of Delaware. I remember as a very young child out with the Boyne’s a song in the charts called What did Della wear. So that would be my only association with the name. There was a minder in Goldenbridge called Della, and inmates used to tease her with the song. She wore a brand New Jersey. Oh, wait, is NJ not a name of a place in America? I think that is where OB originally derives?

America is such a vast country in comparison to Ireland. As somebody once pointed out to me, you could fit the whole of Ireland into the state of Texas alone. Although, I’ve been in regular contact with a few Americans in the blogosphere for various reasons, I’ve never set foot on American soil. I have a Canadian cousin who works in Houston, Texas. I also have a cousin in Edmonton Alberta, who also works part-time in Vancouver, Canada. There is also a survivor of Goldenbridge who resides in Vancouver. I think there could be someone else in a place called Bellevue, Seattle. I know that ancestors of mine would have gone to Boston. Gosh, aren’t there even songs immortalised about Boston.

Cousins of mine also went to Australia and became very wealthy in the mining business. So I’d best have some nice things to say about the country – not that I was the beneficiary of any of their kindness or wealth. My mother always wanted to emigrate to Australia. I would have had a problem finding her if that had been the case, unless she told her relatives where she went, which would be only natural. She settled in Birmingham, England. I was only a hundred miles away from her and didn’t even know it.

I would love to know what became of the Kavanagh clan? I know that some of them went to America. One of them even went to Africa where she was head of her religious order.

I’ve just discovered that Carole comes from my neck of the woods in Enniscorthy. So I’m really chuffed to know that via the Internet we came in contact with each other. I think Americans should definitely reach out to Irish people and vice-versa, as who knows they might even find out that their ancestors were neighbours and possibly even friends of each other. It’s a small world.

I plan to go to America. If I was finished the Leaving cert I would be off in a shot. I read a nice tweet today and it stopped me in my tracks, if nobody is kind to you , you have to be kind to yourself. I’ve spent my life hoping people would reach out to me. It never seems to happen that way, one has to make it happen period. A counsellor always said that to me as well, about treating myself to nice things.

Now, I’m going to have a closer look at Delaware. I think it could be an Island of sorts. Wikipedia says it has a very small population.

I would love to go to Wisconsin and Prince Edward Island.

What did Della wear was part of a series of verses to an election campaign “jingle” in the early 1930’s. Probably during F. D. Roosevelt’s first presidential campaign in 1932.



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