People’s Park Dún Laoghaire Aug ’12 Bank Holiday

Published on Aug 19, 2012 by 

I really enjoyed the eclectic mixture of African / Irish music of this young band, who’ve only been in existence for one year. I think they have great potential. I encountered them at the People’s Park in Dún Laoghaire on August bank holiday. There was a weekend cultural festival on, but unfortunately, due to very inclement weather most attendees had apparently dispersed, so the band had to make do with just a handful of spectators. It must have been disheartening playing to an almost empty audience on a wet miserable closing of the day, but then it would also be a novelty when they have an attentive crowd. It’s par for the course. I loved their rhythmic movements. I sincerely hope they succeed in their musical career, as they are a very talented band. They comprise of Nigerian and Irish musicians and singers. I especially enjoyed listening to a song that was sung in a native Nigerian dialect. I chatted to them in the aftermath. They said they were going to sing on bank holiday Monday at St. Stephen’s Green. Alas, it also poured down with rain on that day, but still and all, I’d reckon that there possibly could have been more people there due to its strategic city centre location. I’ve forgotten the band’s name, so hopefully if they see this youtube coverage they might (please) be able to supply me with same.


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