Last of the summer flowers

Photo – by Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Donnybrook [17th August 2012]

I have always noticed with the Panasonic camera with the inbuilt Leica lens that it’s not the best in taking close-up views. I have so far failed to get proper focussed close-up photos/ This photo is about the best I’ve taken as I write.

Look at the size of the bumble bees arm. I was coming around the road-bend last evening when I saw a swarm of giant bumble bees on these flowers that were growing on a wall. The bumble-bees adored this particular branch. There were other variety of flowering branches nearby, but they were only interested in these corn-shaped ones.

Photo - by Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Donnybrook [17th August 2012]

Photo – by Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Donnybrook [17th August 2012]

 I had previously tried to get clear focused one of this delicate flower and continually failed. So was pleased when this one turned out not to be blurred.

The last rose of summer. What an abundance of layers! Well, not really there were young ones nestled up beside this mother of all roses. I can never get enough of roses. They’re my favourite flowers.

The flowers (like the rest of us) need a helping hand sometimes to hold them together. The criss crossed bars remind me of corrugated iron bars (with legs) that were brought together and hessian sack cloth’s placed into them to make camp beds. They were the kind of makeshift beds Goldenbridge children slept in for the duration of the summer months in Rathdrum holiday home. The sack cloths invariably tore and there was no reprieve – they still had to make do.

So pretty, what more can one say.

I think this one is also very exquisite.

This one too, which I’m going to try out sometime on my dashboard.

And this one – which I currently use on my dashboard. The rose stands out in all its glory.


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