Mute Swan Portobello Bridge August ’11

Published on Aug 16, 2012 by 

I took this video of a solitary Mute swan in August 2011 on the banks of the grand canal nearby Portobello Bridge, Dublin. I was testing out new Panasonic camera with inbuilt Leica lens. I adored watching the elegant head and neck movements, however, I didn’t think the swan was too enamoured with me being too close. The swans love their space and privacy, just like humans. The pigeons always hang around nearby the swans, as invaraibly they know that human throw bread the the pretty creatures. They;re just poor scavengers on the look out fro the crumbs that drop.

I haven’t posted a video of my favourite beauties in a long time. I did some short ones that would fit into twitpic, however, that was before I had a journal such as this one to place same. The music is courtesy of Helen O’Hara.

The mute swan kind of reminds me of myself sometimes, when I look around me not knowing what to do with myself.


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