Published on Aug 15, 2012 by 

On August Bank Holiday weekend as I stepped outdoors to go off to Dun Laoghaire, I stopped in my tracks nearby to gaze at a swarm of mostly big-sized bees buzzing around everywhere on this particular branch, that is nestled neatly at the bend of the road. The pink cone-shaped flowering stood out so much, as only recently they had begun to bloom. I took the risk of being stung as I honed in closely. Notwithstanding, the risk of catching some of them as they merrily hopped and bounced and fluttered from flower to flower in the moment took precedence. A lot of passerby’s stared at me in bemusement, as I was taking this video-shot. If looks were words, they would definitely have read: “SO ANOMALOUS THAT ONE?” Well, so what, if I’m some kind of an eccentric with a camera taking photos and videos of flowers and bees?! I get it all the time when I’m meandering on this type of mission. I think people find it atypical that somebody would just stand in one position for a certain length of time taking photos and videos of flowers.

Alas to my chagrin I start to wonder if there are other people in the universe who do the same thing as me? Do they stop in a state of awed admiration to see close-up, such exquisite fine intricately designed and coloured creations of nature? Regardless – I would love to know the name of these cone-shaped flowers. So — if there are any readers out there looking on, if any of you do happen to know, will you please tell me, I would be grateful. Thanking you in advance. I feel like getting in contact with Helen Dillon – the expert gardner – as she would surely know the name of these flowers. It won’t be too long before all flowers will have all gone. So is the cycle of life. The bees will come again next year and pollinate them all over again.


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