Dún Laoghaire

I took this video footage last week at the beach Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. It was such a glorious day. The beautiful music Love & Respect is courtesy of Helen O’Hara. I use her music a lot in the amateur videos that I create, as I can never get enough of her music. I’ve always been a lover of classical music. I was denied violin lessons in Goldenbridge and now have a violin and will see to it before long that I will avail of tuition courtesy of the Irish government. Other survivors of industrial *schools* always loved to learn to drive and they got tuition free gratis. I learned to drive with the help of my belated fondest uncle. Christine Buckley was even going to get me lessons with the renowned Eileen Dunne. I’m sorry not to have taken the advantage of lessons, as I would have loved to have been a trained singer. I was once offered to do a song for an Australian Airline advert. I got cold feet and couldn’t open my mouth when I got to the studios, despite having been well prepared in learning the song. It would have entailed having sixty children’s voices in the background. Ah well, if I had a family to have taken an interest in me at the proper time in life, it doubtless would have been a different kettle of fish, I guess.

I enjoy taking the 46A bus from Donnybrook to Dun Laoghaire whenever I feel the need to just get away for a while to recharge my batteries. It is only a half an hour away or so, and it is always such a therapeutic experience. I would recommend DL to all visitors who are seeking to know where to go when they come to Ireland. It has everything. It has a thriving yacht-club on the harbour; a variety of species of birds both native and visitors. It has an amazing area colloquially known as ‘the beach’ where one can sunbathe on the gigantic rocks or that flat walkway that juts out to sea, or lap up the far distant view of Forty Foot and Martello Tower, which is synonymous with James Joyce. Or delve into the seaweed for insects along with the starlings, which is popular with kiddies and their parents. There is also the chance that one will get to see the British, Continental and Irish ferries as they to and fro to their respective destinations. This is one of the highlights for me. I so adore getting snapshots of them, despite being a long distance away, but, it is a real challenge in learning how to use my inbuilt Leica lens on Panasonic FZ 45 camera. There is a long old concrete walkway built on many levels with steep steps leading to the lower levels, and there are a lot of hidden nooks and crannies. For example, i saw this hidden archway that had its own steps that lead directly to the sea.

I also saw another tiny row of steps when I was at the edge taking this video. It makes me want to investigate how the steps came into being. One can also enjoy fishing, if it takes their fancy, or sit on the benches and many levels of steps and just gaze out at the yachts and dingy’s and surfers. There are lovely green areas bedecked with flowers, as well for those who may have difficulties maneuvering about the stony areas.


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