Dún Laoghaire: A time of play



“So after answering emails from clients, I put up the vacation responder and I took myself to this wonderful place called Torc Waterfall, in Killarney National Park. A short, steep walk from the main road brought me to this place where the only sound is the rushing of the water. No phones ringing insistently, no computer calling my name, no laundry saying fold me and put me away…. just sweet silence. I walked and walked and soaked up the beauty all around me. I came home late, refreshed and revived. Where do you go when it is your time to play? Where do you go to refresh and revive your soul?”                                            H/t Martine Brennan.

My response to Martine:

I go off to places such as Dún Laoghaire when I want to get away to refill my energy tank. I just hop on a 46A bus at Donnybrook and within approximately a half an hour or more later I’ve reached my destination.
I find it exhilarating watching Stena Line ferries on the harbour to-ing and fro-ing from Irish and British and continental destinations. It truly revives my spirit. I feel so uplifted and overjoyed when I see them way out in the vast expanse of the deep blue Irish sea and with the smoke rising out into the crisp air.
I like to savour the peaceful calm views of the yachts as they too sail on the deep blue sea. I think about the focus they have to have to stir them in the right direction.
I enjoy taking snapshots of a variety of birds both native and visitors to our shores. I note that the big brown ones do not come up close to the piers edge where humans are, but instead prefer to keep close to the sea’s edge where it appears they can watch out for bigger fish prey.
I enjoy looking out at the Forty Foot that juts out to sea in the far distance from my favourite vantage point colloquially known as the Beach, as well as taking in the nearby Martello Tower that is synonymous with James Joyce.
I love to concentrate on the rocks and think about the length in time of their formation. I also like to sit here and watch the water as it belts up intermittently against the rocks and listen intently to the sounds it makes combined with the distant sounds of children and adult eager voices as they too relish the exquisite scene. Or listen the sound of the birds as they fly overhead while simultaneously thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice to be a bird and to have all the freedom in the world.’
I like to watch the starlings as they nibble on worms and disguise themselves so neatly, so that they can hardly be indistinguishable from the seaweed.
And as I arise to take leave I take one more lasting glance at the cerise flowers adjacent to the promenade. I incorporate them into a penultimate memorable snapshot, that I can feast on in my head on my return bus journey to Doonybrook. I know I have treasurable thoughts from having basked in the beauty of Co. Dublin’s well known first landing spot to Ireland from Holyhead, Wales and continental europe…

I come home late to Donnybrook all refreshed and revived. I thus grab a few more tempting ultimate snap-shots of some beautiful pink flowers growing on a hedge, that greet me as I turn the bend of the road. So – Martine, that’s one good example of where I go to refresh and revive my soul?


One thought on “Dún Laoghaire: A time of play

  1. I feel like I am right there with you Marie-Therese as I read. The beauty of it all! I can remember many times in my life when my pain blinded me from the beauty. I am so glad to be able to take it in now.
    Thank you for your words..and thank you for sharing them with me.

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