The Still, Enniscorthy

Hi Marie,

When we got to Dublin things got VERY hectic. We did a tour in the morning and then we were to go to Jameson, which I’ve found out is Irish Whiskey. But, Bob forgot the tickets and we had to get back to the hotel. That took up a lot of time and by the time we got back to Jameson and then that tour was over we were both beat. Went back to the hotel.

Anyway, I did meet up with Kathleen. She had some information for me. I found a Larry Doyle, my age, who I think is a cousin. (He lives behind N. Doyle Pub. ) Unfortunately, the Pub was closed when we arrived. Either because it was morning or the bank holiday. Larry remembered hearing the names Ellen Doyle and Catherine Piggot when he was growing up. He showed us the site where there use to stand a small house owned by the Foley’s on a stream. I have his email and I think I have encouraged him to do some research.

I LOVE Ireland. I would come back in a heart beat. So, sorry I did not get to meet you too. But, I hope there will be a NEXT time. Really had a GREAT trip. I think the first time you come you should do a bus tour. Our guide was fabulous with much information. I learned PLENTY!!!

Since we both are connected to the same “neck of the woods”, Fairfied, Co. Wexford, I hope we’ll keep in touch?

Carole (Foley) Coleman


Thanks for your comment, Carole,

Yeah, hectic would surely have been the case. Travelling from one continent to another would be very tiring and wearing, and it can take one a long time to adjust to the new environment. Jameson’s have a connection to The Still. I’ll do a wee post on it soon. It’ll be a learning curve for me. Hope your friend Bob enjoyed Ireland?

I’m stunned to hear that you actually encountered Kathleen from Shingaun. I had a short e-mail from her, but she never mentioned it. (She berated me for not going to Dalgan Park for the month’s mind of my belated uncle. I will go there in my own time in a private capacity. I respect her concern.) I sincerely hope she treated you well? Did you see the row of houses on the Milehouse Rd., that were built on property she sold to a nearby developer? She sold it at the height of the Celtic boom. It would have made her an instant millionaire? Well, that was the story doing its rounds. I kept niggling and teasing her to tell me if she had become a woman of substance – to borrow a phrase that my uncle used – out of the deal, but, she wouldn’t budge. I don’t say that I blame her at all. That’s her prerogative. (She had twins, but tragically lost one child. The daughter who married into a very wealthy farming family on the Wexford/Wicklow border had five children on last count that I know of – there could be additions to that amount, as I’ve not seen her in donkey’s years) – will never want for a penny. I think Kathleen will plough it into education for them. She would be extremely sensible. I don’t think it is a dormant estate like many of the latter that collapsed with the downfall of the Celtic Tiger. I’ve been looking at and local property agencies, and see that a lot of the houses appear to be still selling well. I used to be fascinated with all the houses that sprung up in Enniscorthy and constantly drove around surveying them. It was so surreal seeing many changes taking place overnight. Men, who would have been working as labourers on sites, suddenly became instant developers. The banks were throwing money at them by the new time. Sadly a lot of them are now paying the awful price because of the colossal downfall in the property market. I remember a time when the self developer who bought Kathleen’s land was selling bags of potatoes outside his home on The Still Rd, approaching Enniscorthy. The family were into growing their own potatoes in Carne, Co Wexford. Growing houses overtook growing potatoes. Carne is down the south of the county and the potatoes from that warmer coastal climate were to die for indeed. They did a roaring trade.

That’s a shame about the pub being closed. The pub only comprises of one small section of the pink house. It has no music, like most pubs, which a lot of country folk from the hinterland enjoy after a hard days work on the land. They don’t want to be bombarded with loud music. The adjoining farm would be the mainstay of the family. Aul’ Nick, as he was referred to was also in the long haulage agricultural business as well as farming.

Did you have a look at Monart? The long road that leads to Shingaun where Kathleen resides comprises of Monart on one side and Fairfield Farm to the other, the latter is slightly hidden behind a large wood to the road, which is part of Monart. There is an ongoing dispute with respect of the woods. It’s a long story going back to the time that Oakes owned Monart. The present owner of Monart, as I pointed out built a 35 million euro Spa, which I believe is the second or third best spa in the world. Liam Griffin’s father first arrived in Enniscorthy on a bike. His entrepreneurial prowess is mind-boggling. I think there were connections on his mother’s side with The Still, I could be wrong.

Gosh, that is amazing that you think Larry Doyle could be a cousin. I can’t remember if I’d mentioned that Foley’s field rang a bell with me, but it’s whereabouts I would not know at all. I have recollections of my uncle showing me a ruins of a house, as we walked Fairfield Farm, it would have been in the direction of Shingaun part of the land. I don’t even know the name of the family who lived there. It would be worth investigating  re: Foley’s field.

I think Joan-Ryan-Doyle of Monageer would be your best bet to ask about Ellen Doyle, as from my recollection she worked in Doyle’s Pub as a young girl till she married and settled in Enniscorthy. I think Joan may have even showed me the house that she resided in Enniscorthy. However, I could be mixing her up with somebody on Martha Doyle’s side of the family. I know that the latter hailed from the town. They’re such a lovely family. Big into a local cycling organisation, as I already pointed out somewhere else in a comment.

The Still Pond Enniscorthy / Ferns Co. Wexford

Submitted on 2012/08/17 at 12:43 pm | In reply to Goldenbridgeinmate39.

Hi Marie,

My battery is getting low but I wanted you to know I was happy to hear from you and will respond more after I’ve recharged my battery. Have been busy since I returned. Bob LOVED Ireland too. Said he wished he’d gone 20 years sooner when he was younger ( Had 74th birthday while in Ireland.) so that he could have been returning during those years. Funny, I checked out Ireland real estate while I was at Bob’s my first two days home. I told our bus driver I’d be back when I got my dual citizenship. Problem is I need to find my grandfather’s birth certificate. I have his brother’s. (My brother got it but he was unable to get Stephen Foley, our grandfather.)

Went passed the sign to Monart, the spa but did not go up the lane. I knew that we were on a deadline having to get to Howth, Dublin in time for dinner so I tried to make good use of the time I had. But, I do wish I’d had more time. We made it to the restaurant 5 min. before the bus got there.



My response: 18th August 2012

Ah – that was nice that Bob had a birthday whilst in Ireland. He went there when he was 73 and went home when he was 74 :-)! It’s better late than never. Does Bob have Kilkenny roots? My grandfather hailed from Castlewarren Co. Kilkenny. Somebody once jokingly remarked to me, “oh, that’s where all the hillbillies lived.” There is a steep hill leading to the tiny hamlet. The person must have been watching too much American cowboy films (smile). Kilkenny the marble city is a lovely place to visit. I’ve oftentimes driven out the Milehouse Road, past Shingan, Enniscorthy, as it’s the direct route to Kilkenny, where my twin cousins live on the old farmstead where my grandfather was reared. I never knew him at all.

Yeah, that would be only right and proper to get dual citizenship if your ancestors hailed from Enniscorthy. Was there any particular reason why he couldn’t obtain Stephen’s birth certificate? I can go to Setanta House in Lombard St. Dublin and check it out for you, if you’d like me to do that for you? Unless of course, your brother already went that route?

Ah, that’s a shame about not having a peek inside Monart Spa. It’s very grand altogether. The by-road to that lane way leads up to Kathleen’s farmstead. As I said before the back entrance of Fairfield Farm lies along the half length to the right of the road.

I did not know if I was to wait until you contacted me – or whether I was to get in contact. Never mind, there will hopefully be another time. I guess it was awkward time-wise to go to see Joan Doyle-Ryan at Monageer? She would have loved to have encountered you. She’s a very homely welcoming person, and so too is Matt her husband.

Carole, can you give me an idea where you went to view Foley’s field? Was it nearby where Larry Doyle resides at the back of Doyle’s pub? I’m just curious, as I pretty well know the lie of the land around Fairfield. Gosh – my uncle would have been able to have filled you in on where Foley’s resided. I still have this mental picture of being told something about “Foley’s” field. I think it was either by my uncle or Joan. I can’t for the life of me think whom it was at all. Doyle’s pub crowd had an acre site just up the road from Fairfield Farm, it wouldn’t come under Shingan though, it would be cheery orchard. I don’t know who owned it before Helen Doyle-O’Neill came to The Still in the forties.

I was just thinking that if you had a chat with Joan Doyle-Ryan, Nellie Doyle-Ryan’s R.I.P., youngest sister, you would definitely get information pertaining to Nellie’s husband and see where he fits in with your Doyle clan. I will get you the phone number. You can’t go wrong there.

You know, your ancestors and mine would have known each other, as they go back a long time to the Still area.

I never even got around to telling you that Jameson’s whiskey clan have connections to the Still. Will get around to it. I enjoy talking to you about Enniscorthy Co Wexford.

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