Stena Line: Dún Laoghaire

Yeah – I was in for another surprise with this Stena Line Ferry, as she was arriving in Ireland from Holyhead, Wales. I guess some of those who travelled across the water for the London Olympics were arriving home. It was such a glorious day for travelling. I’m real proud of this photo. There was a hive of activity with yachts out at sea. I was reminded of my cousin Billy, when I saw the surfers, as he had the opportunity to go surfing in Hawaii. Mind you, there would be a huge differential weather wise in both countries. The backdrop albeit, hazy reminds me of Laco Como, Switzerland.

Oops, I’ve just noticed something! The last photo I took of Stena Lines a while ago, had writing in green. I think it said Irish Ferries. This one also seems to be far larger in size. I wonder what the “S’ stands for? Perhaps it’s not coming from Holyhead, Wales, but rather Continental Europe? Must investigate further. I was only able to know which direction it was moving by the jutting rocks. The more I saw, I knew it was heading into DL harbour. It’s a fine ferry.

Ah, I’ve just zoomed in and have discovered from the writing that it is called Stena Adventurer London. So that would account for the red ‘s’ and the blue writing.

When I’m taking the pictures out at sea, all I see are either very large/smaller blobs. It’s only when I download the snaps that the discoveries about the ferries and yachts are known.

It would be lovely to hear from someone who says, ‘eh, guess what?… I was on that ferry that you took a photo of in DL. It would be sentimental. It would hardly happen at all.

Now, I’m left curious as to what part of Co. Dublin the houses are that are nestled on the mountains. There are views of the Dublin mountains in a lot of areas. I was surprised that they could be seen not too far from Goldenbridge, but then I never knew anything about the outside world and that included the immediate vicinity of the industrial *school*.


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