Dún Laoghaire ‘The Beach’

I stood at the part of the rocks where you see the young person and took some video footage.

This is another similar one of the rocks. I really like the snow-white ones as they’re brighter than bright when the sun shines. I saw n’er a starling at all. There are a lot of nooks and crannies that people can explore to sit down and do their own thing, such as paddling in the sea-weed, reading and writing whilst perched on the rocks. sunbathing, fishing, boats and ferry watching or bird watching.

This again is a similar one – I don’t know what they were trying to catch in their fishnets.

I like this one too

And this one as well

This one is slightly out of focus, but just as I was taking it at a far distance, I jumped when the bird started to take flight. I actually thought the bird had a black link on it for survey reasons. However, I can see here that it would have been the black in the feathers.

This is a good one too. The birds were very far out to sea.

And this one as well. The water levels were very low and you could get a strong whiff of the seaweed for miles. There were a lot of children and adults searching through the seaweed.

 More seaweed: I think the colours are very mythological. I was mesmerised by the growth..


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