Dún Laoghaire

As you can tell by from the brollies it was raining at the harbour. I think the people gathered here may have just arrived off the ferry-boat? I think they were foreign, perhaps Spanish, as there were a group of Spaniards at the bus-stop later on, and you could see by the way that they were huddled up closely together that they were not at one with the cold, windy, rainy, drizzly weather. Besides, I had detected a foreign language being spoken in the distance at the harbour when I took this photo.. I got the impression that the fierce cold wind was bothering them severely. They would in all likelihood be much more used to very warm weather, and that is not what one experiences mostly in Ireland. I remember a person from the Philippines telling me once that she froze for three years when she first came to Ireland. She found it so hard to adapt to the changeable climate, that one can experience even in a day. I think the wind-factor makes it much colder, as it cuts right through the bones. Even in the heart of the city the biting windy weather can sometimes be unbearable, as its close to the Liffey. So it would be worse in areas such as Dún Laoghaire. Even as I write, it has never stopped raining almost all of the day. It’s typical weather, and it does not endear our country to those coming in from much warmer environments, as they’re more than likely going to be met with such a harsh unpleasant climate in the middle of summer. Such as one sees the tourists here with umbrella’s. One reads in the blogosphere of people sweltering in the heat in their respective countries. That would almost be an alien thing here. I would even surmise that the summer is almost gone now, unless we’re lucky to have an Indian summer. I think in general a lot of Irish people go mad and bare all when the weather is warm, as they just get so excited at the mere sight of a bit of sun. Not good at all, when you see red painful looking bodies everywhere. It’s a form of self-inflicted cruelty. I learned that a very long time ago. As Noel Coward said: Mad dog’s an English man who goes out in the midday sun. Same is applicable with Irish folk. Spain and Florida are popular destinations for Irish people because of the sun. Thousands went to live there permanently at the height of the Celtic Tiger. However in saying all of this, I would think, there is no place in the world as beautiful as Dún Laoghaire when the weather is fine.

This is another good photo that depicts the mood of DL. I would image this place would be an artist’s paradise for painting landscapes, as the interchangeable skyline is so heavenly. I know that artists do go to the West of Ireland to specifically paint landscapes. What a beautiful fresh open free place this is. I would recommend anyone coming to Dublin to think twice about staying in the heart of the city, during the summer months when there are such fantastic places  such as this all along the coastline in Ireland.

This is a good one as well. I took this before the weather decided to take a bad turn. What a difference in the colour of the sea. The rainbow is something else to behold. I’m proud of this photo. I think that is the Irish ferry crossing over to Holyhead in Wales.


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