Maeve Binchy R.I.P.

Maeve Binchy – a well loved Irish writer has just passed away. She is well noted for the novel Circle of Friends, which was made into a very successful film. Commiserations to her family. Maeve had the following to say at her website.

Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


Welcome to my website, whether you’re a first-time visitor or returning for another look.

Minding Frankie is now out in the US; thank you to everyone who has reviewed it in the press or in blogs, to all of you who have written in to say you’ve enjoyed it; and of course thank you to every one of you who have bought it.

It was Mother’s Day in the US and to celebrate, my American publishers made one of my short stories available as a download. To find it click here: short story at Knopf.

That download is only available in the US, so for all my readers all over the world we’ve put a new short story right here on this website. Click here: Short Story.

And I’ve done a couple of little video interviews about Minding Frankie that you can find if you go here: YouTube.

My health isn’t so good these days and I can’t travel around to meet people the way I used to. But I’m always delighted to hear from readers, even if it takes me a while to reply. So I hope all my American readers enjoy the new book.

Best wishes,


I made a comment. It has gone into moderation. Here it is just in case.

Author Maeve Binchy dies aged 7200:55am on 31 Jul 2012I wish to send condolences to writer Gordon Snell and extended family on sad loss of iconic Irish writer Maeve Binchy R.I.P.. She’ll also be a great loss to Irish people. There is not a book-shop in Dublin that doesn’t sell her novels. The latter are also on the Irish Leaving Certificate curriculum every year. The most popular one of course, being “Circle of Friends.” Au-revoir, Maeve Binchy!

BBC News – Author Maeve Binchy dies aged 72

Blimey, I went and called Maeve B an ‘iconoclastic’ figure as opposed to an ‘iconic’ figure, that surely wouldn’t do to be blasphemous at all.


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