Dún Laoghaire: Ferries and boats out at sea

Irish Ferries: By Jove: I got the one and only prized photo I’d initially planned on getting upon first venturing out to Dún Laoghaire. I didn’t even know that is was an Irish Ferry boat when I zoomed in on the restricted inbuilt Leica lens of the Panasonic Lumix, as there were a lot of boats out at sea. I just took pot luck. So it wasn’t until I’d downloaded the photos that I made the discovery. I would have gone to the departure area had I known there was a ferry heading off for Hollyhead, Wales. I’m absolutely thrilled with this gem of a photo. So, if there are passengers out there in the bhlogosphere who sailed to Holyhead from Dún Laoghaire in the late afternoon of Saturday 28th, July 2012, this is surely the ferry you would have boarded. Click to view enlarged photo. There is a sea-gull hovering overhead. Given that’s it’s the Olympic season in Britain, I’d surmise that the ferry was full to capacity.

I really like this rainbow and boat combined photo as well. The rainbow is really huge. It wasn’t there for long.

Wow – I just spotted another P&O Ferry Liner. This photo with the house and lighthouse and the lone fisherman silhouette is really dreamy looking.

This is another one of a yacht. It says: http://www.irelandgosailing.ie. I must send them this photo, as they were sailing way out when this photo was taken on 28th July, 2012 in the late afternoon.

I wonder if this speedboat is used for ski-boarding purposes. (I saw a brilliant photo of my Canadian cousin – now domiciled in Houston, Texas ski-boarding in Hawii. It appears exhilarating.)

This boat is self explanatory. I noted when standing near the water’s edge and risking taking some photos that it could be so easy to slip into the water, as the concrete slabs were very slippery. I was ever mindful all the time as the motion of the water could make one sway very quickly when one is concentrating on the camera work.

This is such a relaxing view of the yachts at the harbour.

This SEATRUCK must be carrying goods off to Great Britain.

What a hive of activity at the harbour with people enjoying themselves at a hobby and work they clearly enjoy.


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