Dún Laoghaire: Birds and Rocks

This is a young seagull. When it is old enough it will wear a black face-mask in summer and shed it in winter. The two of us were sharing same concrete walk that led very close to the sea. In fact it was too close for comfort. While it was eyeing me carefully when getting nearer, I had to be very mindful of vulnerable close proximity to the sea.

There were a lot of very young seagulls. I don’t know if this is the same breed as the one up above, who has a more bulky beak?

Here is the older seagull with the brown face-mask. I think it must  get black when it’s older.

I don’t know the breed of brown birds. Heron? I took photo using lens, as they were way out to sea.

Here are some more of the same brown birds who remind me of the herons I saw at St. Stephen’s Green. They appear to keep to the water’s edge and as far away from humans as possible.

I adore taking photos of birds on rocks as well.

Some more

And more

And yet again.


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