River Slaney Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford

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Forgelands or Fairfield / Monart Bessmount Enniscorthy Co Wexford Ireland

Helen Doyle. Nellie Doyle R.I.P. X2. The Still. Monageer, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

Carole, I’ve moved information here, as I don’t have a proper comment section up and running. If you link here you’ll find that the Doyle’s are mentioned in the 1901 census for Fairfield. I’m nearly sure that they’re connected by marriage to Nellie-Doyle, R.I.P., who was mentioned in the last comment here. The reason for saying such, is, that before Nellie- Doyle-Ryan died, a nephew of her long deceased husband was given permission by Nellie to build a row of small houses on the site belonging to the Doyle’s. See white buildings with yellow door adjoining Doyle’s pub here. Not to be confused with Doyle’s who have a farm and pub right next door. The chap who resides – as well as running a timber business at the back of the new houses – is called Laurence Doyle. Coincidentally, I noted that there was also a Laurence mentioned in the aforementioned census. It’s worth checking out.

Laurence Doyle, Fairfield, Co. Wexford
(054) 35309
Summers is a name I’ve come across in the town of Enniscorthy.
Another piece of information: Fairfield came under the townsland of Davidstown in olden times. Not under St. Aidan’s cathedral in the town of Enniscorthy. I know this from my own relations who’ve lived for hundreds upon hundreds of years at Fairfield. As I said before, there were Foleys from Davidstown, which is approximately three miles away from The Still area.
Centre of Enniscorthy town.
Click on brilliant view of Slaney River, Enniscorthy.
I used spend an awful lot of free time walking along the Slaney with Maura’s dog. The latter had a craft-shop opposite the castle. So it was good exercise for Pooch and me. I adored Maura’s dog. He was the cuddliest thing ever. He always got excited when he saw me entering the shop and would oftentimes get himself tangled up in Maura’s knitting in his impatient desire to go for walkies. Maura is very gifted and created a lot of her own craftwork in the shop, as well as giving music / French and English grinds to students. Her father, a Mayo man, and excellent violin-player (connected to Grace Kelly) – was a teacher in nearby Bunclody.
It was just right beside where hotel was built. See: long thin white line beyond red buildings to right where they meet the Slaney. The line almost meets the red boxed plot of land, which would be in the vicinity of St. John’s where my Kavanagh cousins hailed.
Here’s a close-up view of a part of the walk-way along the Slaney. It’s a delightful place to take exercise while simultaneously soaking up the natural beauty to boot. See: white strip going along the grass verge.
 See here for houses at daft.ie

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  1. Hi Marie,

    Indeed there is a river in Enniscorthy. Thank you for the census information. It appears from what I’ve read anything prior to 1901 has been lost, distroyed or burned. My grandfather, Stephen Foley left with his parents Stephen Foley (b. 5/10/1866) & Ellen( Doyle) Foley (b. 1865) on June 9, 1897 on the S.S. Indiana from Liverpool and arrived in Phila., PA on June 22, 1897. Steve, GF, was 4 yrs old and his brother Daniel was 7 months old. Family records show a baby sister, Florence died at sea and buried at sea. (Must have been a miscarriage.) They came to live with their father’s (also Stephen Foley m. Catherine Pigott) ) sister Mary (Foley)(b. 1858) Drew and his brother-in-law Thomas Drew. in Earville, Cecil Co., Maryland, US.

    I have been trying to find which church Stephen and Ellen Doyle were married on Oct. 23, 1893. I have a copy that says they were married in “The Roman Catholic Chapel of Enniscorthy in the Registrars District of Enniscorthy in the Union of Enniscorthy in the County of Wexford” . Would that be St. Adian’s Catholic Church? My brother said that the church was located on a river. And as is pictured the River Slaney is in Enniscorthy.

    I have not been able to find my GF’s birth certificate although I did find his brother Daniel. (Nov. 22. 1896) On it was the name Anne Foley. My brother found that a Thomas Foley lived next door to Stephen Foley in Fairfield in 1896. But, according to the 1901 cencus there were no Foleys in Fairfied in 1901. So, where did they go?

    Any other information you can suggest or anyone else woiuld be very helpful. Thanks!
    Carole (Foley) Coleman

    • Also, Marie, where do you live now? My friend Bob and I are coming to Ireland on Aug. 1 ’till Aug. 10. Touring the southern part of Ireland. I have arranged with someone to take us from Kilkenny on Aug. 5 to Fairfield/Enniscorthyarea and then on to Dublin where the rest of the bus tour will be staying that night and having dinner at Abbey Tavern in Howth. Sent this to my friend Bob that you wrote: ” When one meanders into the centre of the fields there is such a glorious view to be had of Enniscorthy. It’s like being in another world it is that beautiful. There will always be good fertile land found where planter Protestants settled. This was told to me in good faith by an auctioneer, who should know what he was talking about.” The reason I bring this up is because both he and I are auctioneers. Funny!!

      I will look for Davidstown and the Foleys there. I suppose Lawerence could be a brother of my Ellen. Thanks! Carole

    • It’s such a pity that old records were destroyed in Ireland. That’s history at its worst. It’s very sad to read about Florence. It can’t have been easy for your ancestors having to withstand such difficulties pertaining to travelling to the new land of plenty. Plays upon plays and books have been written about awful tragedies that beset those who reluctantly took the boat to America and to better lives. A lot, though, subsequently had to pay dearly with premature loss of loved ones in circumstances similar to what you so poignantly describe here. The streets of America were awash with gold and prospects so great in education and living. It was the most desirable place on earth for Irish people. America has been kind to the Irish and others who fled from oppressive regimes.

  2. I’ve looked at the rural Enniscorthy census for 1901, and came upon Foley’s in Shingaun. An adjoining farm to my relatives at Fairfield is actually situated in Shingaun. So it’s not too far from Fairfield? There is a long road there, which is well known as The Milehouse. Come to think of it – would you be able to tell me if the Foley’s were farmers, as they could then be easily traced in the area, if it’s in the positive? See: here

  3. Well, what do you know? Anne Foley, head of household, (age 38) that could be the Anne who was present at Daniel’s birth. Maybe they did live in Fairfield and if husband Thomas died moved. I guess I should look at deaths for Thomas between 1896 and 1901?

      • Marie, you can see how confused I can get. I forgot the census was for 1911 which would make Margret 101 now. I’d be surprised if she is still alive. But, there is the niece and nephew. I think I need to follow the census to see who is there NOW.

      • I think you should try to find out if Mary and Michael ever married or had children? Mary & Michael would be 115 & 113 respectively. So their issue could be pursued. They must have lost their parents for them to be living with an aunt. I did an adult education course in Enniscorthy in the early nineties. There was a young woman (in her twenties) called Mary Foley doing the same course. She was an Enniscorthyite. There was also a woman who worked for my family who was called Mary Byrne? She is on one of the census forms. Margaret Byrne would have lived only an asses roar from Fairfield. Byrne would not have been a plentiful name around the area at that time, and people would not have had the means to travel very far. Of course it’s all only conjecture. One thing though, can easily beget another?

  4. Kathleen Mahon knows everyone in Enniscorthy, including the seed and breed belonging to me. She would be really well worth talking to, despite the fact that she’s only ‘a blow in’ (colloquialism – I mean that in a nice way) to Enniscorthy. She can be contacted here kathleenmahon1945@gmail.com. She lives in Shingaun/Shingán. She sold a lot of land to a housing developer during the Celtic Tiger era in Ireland. I’ve another contact that will be very helpful – am in the throes of rooting it out. Stay tuned!*
    If my memory also serves me correctly, Shingaun/Shingán would have come originally under the parish in Marshalstown, again, that would be approximately three miles outside Enniscorthy town. Marshalstown would be the half parish of Ballindaggin, I think?


    I’ve included a map in the post of Shingaun (called Shingán these days). Where you see it written down on the map, it is actually at the back of the land belonging to my ancestors. You will notice a new housing complex not far from there. Mrs. K. Mahon would have sold parts of the land at Shingán to a housing developer approximately 8 years ago. The Foley name rings a bell… I wonder did Mahon’s buy up the homestead belonging to Foley’s, as I do think that Mahon’s land may have been extended in the long distant past? I’m only speculating of course. In the olden days the authorities took compulsory land from farmers and housed people. Those who got an acre of land had a single dwelling-house attached to same. They were called labourers’ cottages. Those who got a two-storied house got a half-acre of land. There are a few examples of this happening on the land belonging to my relatives.

    Forgelands or Fairfield is the proper name for Fairfield. So have a look at Forgelands, (it is nestled on my ancestors land, along with Cherryorchard) on the map, you’ll see that it is not far from Shingán at all.

    Where you see Daphney – there was once a castle, it was home to Marconi’s mother, whose son, invented the radio. The land around this area is very fertile. There would have been a lot of Protestant planters. I would suspect they settled there initially because of the quality of the land. Planters were synonymous with following good land indeed. No hell, or Connaught – that’s for sure!

    Also, Marie, where do you live now? My friend Bob and I are coming to Ireland on Aug. 1 ’till Aug. 10.

    I live in Dublin, and would love to meet you to have tea and a chat about Enniscorthy.

    I know Nellie Doyle’s (R.I.P.) sister very well. She is also married to a lovely chap by the name of Doyle. (No relation to Doyle’s at The Still.) They live in Monageer – which is six miles outside Enniscorthy, in the direction of Ferns. You’ll both just simply have to stop by at their house when you go to Enniscorthy. I can guarantee you that there will be a warm Céad Míle Fáilte on the doorstep. Joan Doyle-Ryan spent a part of her early childhood in The Still area, so she could be privy to information pertaining to your roots there, who knows?

    Davidstown would be what is known as a half parish. There is a book which is now out of print. Davidstown-Courtnacuddy (a Wexford Parish): Some of its history [Unknown Binding] Patrick Hennessy (Author). Could be worth checking out in Enniscorthy library?

    Davidstown, Courtnacuddy (more Diocese details) St. David’s.
    Co. Wexford
    Telephone: 053 9233 382
    E-mail: revjnolan2005@eircom.net

    There is one Pat Furlong who lives adjacent to Davidstown chapel. Do call on him – he will help you out in any way that he can. Tell him I sent you.

    Have a look at R.C. Parish Records On Microfilm, Co. Wexford here

    *Re: that other contact who would be a wealth of local knowledge if you came up against a brick wall. He comes in the guise of one Seán Whelan, who works for the local newspaper http://www.enniscorthyecho.ie/ He would place an advert in the Enniscorthy Echo, if you had difficulty in finding your Enniscorthy roots.

    I should add here that the nephew, Laurence Doyle – the timber merchant (and his wife Martha, who are a lovely couple and big into cycling) does not hail originally from Fairfield, but a bit out of Enniscorthy.

    • No, I did not see the Foley on the 1911 census. Margaret (65) taking care of her niece and nephew is the same age as me. She would probably be a good one to find to talk to.

      You have given me plenty to think about and to do. Thank you so much.

      I would love to meet you in Dublin for tea. We will arrive in Dublin on Aug. 6th -Aug. 8, staying at Bewlelys Hotel Ballsbridge, Simmons Court Road, Ballsbridge Dublin 4, phone +353-91-894800. I think I told you we were arriving on the 5th before. I was WRONG. On the itinerary they put the DAY and # which confused me with the date. Anyway, we arrive Aug. 6 via our special tour guide in time for dinner at Howth. The next day Aug. 7th we will have a half-day guided tour of Dublin. The balance of the day is at our leisure. It says we have a voucher for an independent open-top bus tour for a visit to Guinness or Jameson included in our paper work. What is Jameson? There should be time for tea and a visit. What do you say? L & D are on our own. By the time we get to Dublin there should be plenty to talk about. Carole

      • Hi Marie,

        When we got to Dublin things got VERY hectic. We did a tour in the morning and then we were to go to Jamison, which I’ve found out is Irish Whiskey. But, Bob forgot the tickets and we had to get back to the hotel. That took up a lot of time and by the time we got back to Jamison and then that tour was over we were both beat. Went back to the hotel.

        Anyway, I did meet up with Kathleen. She had some information for me. I found a Larry Doyle, my age, who I think is a cousin. (He lives behind N. Doyle Pub. ) Unfortunately, the Pub was closed when we arrived. Either because it was morning or the bank holiday. Larry remembered hearing the names Ellen Doyle and Catherine Piggot when he was growing up. He showed us the site where there use to stand a small house owned by the Foley’s on a stream. I have his email and I think I have encouraged him to do some research.

        I LOVE Ireland. I would come back in a heart beat. So, sorry I did not get to meet you too. But, I hope there will be a NEXT time. Really had a GREAT trip. I think the first time you come you should do a bus tour. Our guide was fabulous with much information. I learned PLENTY!!!

        Since we both are connected to the same “neck of the woods”, Fairfied, Co. of Wexford, I hope we’ll keep in touch.

        Carole (Foley) Coleman

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    • Hi Marie,

      My battery is getting low but I wanted you to know I was happy to hear from you and will respond more after I’ve recharged my battery. Have been busy since I returned. Bob LOVED Ireland too. Said he wished he’d gone 20 years sooner when he was younger ( Had 74th birthday while in Ireland.) so that he could have been returning during those years. Funny, I checked out Ireland real estate while I was at Bob’s my first two days home. I told our bus driver I’d be back when I got my dual citizenship. Problem is I need to find my grandfather’s birth certificate. I have his brother’s. (My brother got it but he was unable to get Stephen Foley, our grandfather.)

      Went passed the sign to Monart, the spa but did not go up the lane. I knew that we were on a deadline having to get to Howth, Dublin in time for dinner so I tried to make good use of the time I had. But, I do wish I’d had more time. We made it to the restaurant 5 min. before the bus got there.



  6. Ah – that was nice that Bob had a birthday whilst in Ireland. He went there when he was 73 and went home when he was 74 :-)! It’s better late than never. Does Bob have Kilkenny roots? My grandfather hailed from Castlewarren Co. Kilkenny. Somebody once jokingly remarked “oh, that’s where all the hillbillies live.” There is a steep hill leading to the tiny hamlet. The person must have been watching too much American cowboy films (smile). Kilkenny the marble city is a lovely place to visit. I’ve oftentimes driven out the Milehouse Road, past Shingan, Enniscorthy, as it’s the direct route to Kilkenny, where my twin cousins live on the old farmstead where my grandfather was reared. I never knew him at all.

    Yeah, that would be only right and proper to get dual citizenship if your ancestors hailed from Enniscorthy. Was there any particular reason why he couldn’t obtain Stephen’s birth certificate? I can go to Setanta House in Lombard St. Dublin and check it out for you, if you’d like me to do that for you? Unless of course, your brother already went that route?

    Ah, that’s a shame about not having a peek inside Monart Spa. It’s very grand altogether. The by-road to that lane way leads up to Kathleen’s farmstead. As I said before the back entrance of Fairfield Farm lies along the half length to the right of the road.

    I did not know if I was to wait until you contacted me – or whether I was to get in contact. Never mind, there will hopefully be another time. I guess it was awkward time-wise to go to see Joan Doyle-Ryan at Monageer? She would have loved to have encountered you. She’s a very homely welcoming person, and so too is Matt her husband.

    Carole, can you give me an idea where you went to view Foley’s field? Was it nearby where Larry Doyle resides at the back of Doyle’s pub? I’m just curious, as I pretty well know the lie of the land around Fairfield. Gosh – my uncle would have been able to have filled you in on where Foley’s resided. I still have this mental picture of being told something about “Foley’s” field. I think it was either by my uncle or Joan. I can’t for the life of me think whom it was at all. Doyle’s pub crowd had an acre site just up the road from Fairfield Farm, it wouldn’t come under Shingan though, it would be cheery orchard. I don’t know who owned it before Helen Doyle-O’Neill came to The Still in the forties.

    I was just thinking that if you had a chat with Joan Doyle-Ryan, Nellie Doyle-Ryan’s R.I.P., youngest sister, you would definitely get information pertaining to Nellie’s husband and see where he fits in with your Doyle clan. I will get you the phone number. You can’t go wrong there.

    You know, your ancestors and mine would have known each other, as they go back a long time to the Still area.

    I never even got around to telling you that Jameson’s whiskey clan have connections to the Still. Will get around to it. I enjoy talking to you about Enniscorthy Co Wexford.

      • Thanks, Carole – I’d love to see them.

        Daft.ie is a very popular Irish property site. I regularly browse it to see how housing is faring in Enniscorthy. Some houses are unbelievably cheap these days in comparison to Ireland of the Celtic Tiger era. I think Kathleen got a 4 bedroomed house thrown in when she sold land to local developer from nearby Cherryorchard. I was reminded of this when I recently saw one of its kind up for sale at daft.ie. I’ve also looked at housing in Florida, America and East Germany. A lot of Irish people bought up residential / commercial property in these respective places during the Celtic Tiger era. I think, though, one has to pay annual taxes on housing in America. I’m not familiar with American side of real estate. Robert Rackard, Caim, Enniscorthy is a good auctioneer, if ever you wanted to know about the legalities of same, he’s the very man to ask questions. His two uncle’s were very famous Irish hurlers.

      • Yes, we do pay property taxes and also school taxes. (Which are higher than the property taxes and only the people who own property pay the school taxes which doesn’t seem fair to me. I have no children, but I’m paying for those who have many but do not own property. Yet, they get to vote to raise the taxes. Fair?? Who wouldn’t vote to build new schools and raise the taxes if you didn’t have to pay?)

        Deklan, the Irish bus driver, said Ireland is thinking about starting property taxes. That was one thing I liked. However, since I’ve become 65 with a low income I am entitled to a lower property tax here in DE. DE has lower property taxes then many of the states especially for the retired. We use to be #10 for the lowest property taxes. One reason our property taxes are lower is because of the DuPont family. I’m sure you must have heard of them. They owned so much property that they made sure the property taxes stayed very low. I forget which DuPont but he wanted to get into politics. The capitol of DE is Dover. So, he had a road built, named after him The DuPont Parkway so that he could drive from Wilmington to Dover and be a representative. Prior to that most of DE was run by the farmers.

        One of the first things Bob did when we arrived in Ireland was to look up auctioneers in the phonebook. HE was amazed at how many there were. Not many in his state or my state.


  7. Presumably the amount of tax payable is weighed against value of property? If that’s the case one would have to be a wealthy person with large earning capacity to own a large property in America. Would that be correct?
    There are millionaires on paper only in Ireland – who are otherwise penniless. That was the fallout out the Celtic Tiger. I don’t think they can collect the dole either because the value of their assets would be deemed too high to be eligible. Catch 22 situation. Some of the same people cannot even sell their homes, as they would not accrue even half of the amount they invested in them. There are dormant estates all over the country. There is, though, a wee bit of recovery.

    Blimey, I never realised American homeowners had to pay school taxes as well? It does strike me as being utterly unfair. Also, from what I constantly read in the blogosphere the medical side of things is not on the side of the people either in America and never has been by the look of things. It wouldn’t do for one to be stranded and ill in America with no medical insurance.

    Declan, the bus driver must have been referring to the following household charge See: Irish Times recent article > http://t.co/TJtNYbmB <

    Am enclosing Joan and Matthew's phone number. It's in the public domain.


    Matthew Doyle would have no connections to Doyle’s of The Still, Fairfield. It was Joan (his wife) who was connected via her departed sister Nellie – who was married to a Doyle of The Still, Fairfield, Enniscorthy. Carole – If ever you get an opportunity don’t hesitate whatsoever to get in contact with Joan. She’ll be able to fill you up on details concerning Nellie’s husband. I think he would have been an uncle to Larry Doyle, who is now at The Still.

    Doyle Matthew
    Monageer Ferns

    • Hi Marie,

      Where does the time go? I do not think I responded to this letter from you. Thank you for the phone number but have not had time to think about Ireland.

      Last weekend I spent in the hospital with my mother. She had another dizzy spell and throwing up. It would not be as bad if she would get sick on the week days instead of weekends. This time at least I had doctors that agreed with me that it was not heart/stroke but something she ate or dehydration. Except they would not let her out of the hospital without having a physical therapist look at her. Well, they were too busy on Sat. and then on Sunday they don’t come in. So, 2nd doctor said he didn’t want to let her go because he thought she needed more liquids. Well, my mother, pistol that she is, told them she cannot get her exercise when they won’t let her out of bed and there are not enough nurses to keep walking her about. Plus she told the doctor the woman doctor she had who did her mastectomy told her she was releasing her even though mother wanted to stay because of the drainage tubes. Doctor told her “your daughter can help you” “you are better off home then staying here risking getting the SUPER BUG. So, the doctor decided he’d send her home but not before it was almost 5:00 PM Sunday.

      You are correct the amount of tax is on the value of your property.

      We pay school tax as well as trash pick up too.

      I would seriously like to get Solar electric but I do not think I have enough exposure for panels. Although, I have seen where they are putting them on the ground and then there are the wind turbo poles too.

      Yesterday, I had guests arriving and the library called to tell me a book I had ordered before I went to Ireland was in. (Came from Portland, Oregon.) The title was “Help? I’m An Irish Innkeeper” by Maureen Erde. i started it and then I could barely put in down. Maureen’s B & B was near Tralee in Kerry on Barrow Bay next to the Tralee Golf Course. She was born in England but raised by her grandparents in Co. Clare. She left Ireland when she was 18 for the US. Became a nurse. Married had 2 children. Divorced, married again (a physician) who was well traveled but had never been to Ireland. So, when a Physicians Bus Tour came up he wanted to go. They did and then she had the brilliant idea to buy property and have a B & B six months of the year and the other 6 months they would travel and/or stay with their children. I really enjoyed the book. I think they may have sold the property by now. They bought it in 1989 when the husband was going to retire but she was only 46 years old. So the B & B gave her something to do. He offered to help but managed to screw up and so he did not do much in the way of helping her. She did have a cook and a gardener. That would be a BIG help.

      B & B guests have started coming in here because the Private Boarding School is opening this week.

      I totally agree our Health situation here in US is mostly for the Health Insurance Companies and the Pharmaseutical companies. NOT for the people! Now we are getting ready for a new Presidential election and the offerings are no better. There use to be a difference between a Democrat and a Republican but not anymore. They are both the same doing things for the BIG corporations. and the Banks. The Republican’s had their conference and not once did they mention HOW they are going to change things or any thing about all the money being spent on unnecessary wars. ONly how bad it is with OBama. It was just as bad with Bush before Obama arrived and then the Republicans in congress refused to compromise.

      My battery is dieting. Will send before it dies.

      Hope all is well.


      • Hello Carole, yeah, time does fly. it was only a couple of weeks ago that it was bright until nearly 11pm, last night is was dark after 8:30pm. Winter is just around the corner.
        Do try and phone Joan whenever you get time.
        From reading contents of your comment it appears you are going through a very emotionally draining time with your sick mother. Hospitals are not the happiest of environments to be in at the best of times. I can so well empathise with you, and the pressure you must be under having to watch your mother being ill. I had personal experiences with my own mother. The weight just fell off me with all the worry over her. Dehydration problems are part and parcel of throwing up. She needs to drink till the cows come home to help her come through. Sometimes hospitals can exacerbate the recovery and it is recommended by doctors that patients heal quicker in their own environment. I would thoroughly agree with that – besides one does not have to contend with bugs that one can get whilst in hospital. I know of many people who went into hospital with one illness and got others, as a consequence of the super bugs. Does your mother stay permanently with you? It must be quite a responsibility watching out for her. Mastectomies are such a common occurrences with older people. She must suffer a lot. I hope she gets better soon. Sheappears to have a fighting spirit when she told them that she cannot get her exercise when they won’t let her out of bed and there are not enough nurses to keep walking her about To be continued…

  8. I am looking for genealogy assistance on the Simon Cain and Ellen Doyle who lived in Enniscorthy, St David’s parish I believe. Simon was born in 1799 possibly in Belfast. Their son John born 1834 in Wexford. John married Bridget Mullett.
    If anyone could look in the Roman Catholic records from St. David’s it would be most helpful.
    Pat Cain, Wheaton, Illinois, USA

  9. Sorry, Pat C. for not replying any sooner.

    Re: “St. David’s parish.”.

    I don’t know of any ‘St. David’s parish,’ personally. However, I shall check it out to see what the score might be.

    If no such church or Parish exists in Enniscorthy, I might be left wondering if it’s Davidstown?

    If so — please do read following info:

    Re: “John married Bridget Mullett”.

    I know for certain that there was a Mullett family in Davidstown – which is a half parish with Courtnacuddy. They were farmers who occupied a big house, which was known locally as ‘Mullett’s of the Hill’. The latter ‘Toberona House’ could be seen well into the distance. The same Mullett’s also had a pub in Dublin. They married into the Murphy clan (farming stock) of nearby Ballygillistown (a part of the land almost adjoins Davidstown church) – the latter of whom I would be connected. I’m throwing out some stuff here to see if anything connects with info you may already have on the Mullett’s. I was given said info by Eileen Furlong R.I.P. née Murphy of Palace East, Clonroche, who was a cousin of my mother. Mullett’s pub, was passed on to Murphy’s. A son of the inheritor now works on the metro in Seattle. A lot of the old Murphy clan moved to Boston, USA in days of yore. Another son inherited a farm at Chapel, Clonroche, Enniscorthy. I think that farm may have also come from Mullett’s estate. I’m not certain. It too was sold, and the Murphy’s moved to Wexford town. Ironically, I had mentioned Eileen F. just recently in a post here.
    Davidstown Parish records

    Griffiths Valuation of Ireland – Rossdroit, County Wexford
    http://www.failteromhat.com/griffiths/wexford/rossdroit.htm... James Boolabaun Rossdroit Wexford Breen Edward Davidstown Rossdroit Wexford … Mullet John Rathnure Rossdroit Wexford Mulligan Michael Davidstown …
    RootsWeb: WEXFORD-L Ryan, Breen, Bulger, Doyle, etc…
    archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/WEXFORD/…/108863698630 Jun 2004 – Matthew RYAN, Elizabeth DOYLE, Thomas MULLET, Elizabeth BREEN – at a marriage in 1839 Davidstown. Patt BREEN, Catherine BULGER, …
    Dáil Éireann – Volume 13 – 11 December, 1925 – CEISTEANNA …
    historical-debates.oireachtas.ie/D/0013/D.0013.192512110008.htmlJohn Mullet, Toberona, Davidstown, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. Wicklow and Dublin. Q. Thomas Brennan, Balleen, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny. Nicholas Dromey, c/o …

    I don’t want to bombard you with too much stuff, but it could appear that they might be connected in some way to the Mullet’s whom you are related to, as you see, from my recollection with having past interactions with Eileen Furlong, Mullett’s wasn’t a plentiful name in the area. Again, it’s all momentarily only speculation until substantiated evidence comes to the fore.

    “If anyone could look in the Roman Catholic records from St. David’s it would be most helpful.”

    If it should arise that it is Davidstown, parish you are seeking, I’m sure Pat Furlong, (son of Eileen) who resides at the dairy Murphy’s old homestead, will be able to help out, as he’s only a stone’s throw from the chapel. Pat is very obliging.

    I’ve also got more info pertaining to the Mullett’s of Toberona, but there isn’t any point in divulging too much, just in case it isn’t the same Mullett’s you’re seeking. One way or the other, I do wish you well in your endeavours in finding out the wherewithal of your ancestors. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing ones roots. I can vouch for that most certainly.

    Am just thinking if Davidstown church could in fact be called St. David’s. Blimey, I really should know that, as all my ancestors are buried in the very old part of the church.

    Davidstown-Courtnacuddy (a Wexford Parish): Some of its history by Patrick Hennessy (Unknown Binding – 1982). Currently unavailable.


    I’ve just checked out the name of Davidstown church, and it turns out that it is after-all called St. David’s church. I really should have known its name, given that all my family are buried there. I think there is a mental block on my part. I think you might be on the right track. Blimey – if you are, we would be related through marriage. I hope you wouldn’t find that too daunting a prospect? If you scroll down to the end of the following link, you’ll get an e-mail address and phone number of the parish priest, who resides at the main parish house at Courtnacuddy. https://goldenbridgeinmate39.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/davidstown-enniscorthy-co-wexford-ireland/ My recently deceased uncle was a very good friend of Father Bobby Nolan. [I think he had a twin-brother, who was also a priest.] Anyway, I think I recall Father Bobby Nolan being shifted to Courtnacuddy – after he served his time at St. Aidan’s Cathedral in Enniscorthy town. [Sent out to grass, so to speak] He would be a good age now, (mid-70s) if it was the same priest. I know that he would be more than helpful in checking out old records. Will you get back to me on this please.


    I noted that the e-mail in other post has ‘J’ Nolan, so it could be another priest, and not the aforementioned priest?

    I noted that the name John is mentioned by you when you say ‘Their son John born 1834 in Wexford.’ The same Christian name also crops up in the Griffith Evaluations link “Mullet John Rathnure Rossdroit Wexford”? I know Rathnure and Rossdroit areas, they wouldn’t be too far from Davidstown. I haven’t looked at the GE as of yet, but will do tomorrow. Mullett, would not be a plentiful name in Enniscorthy. I’ll also look at some old Census forms in the interim. I haven’t got around to looking at Ellen Doyle. That name came up before with respect of Doyle’s of the Still, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

    As I was lying in bed last night, I recalled Eileen Furlong née Murphy once introducing me to one Betty Heffernan at one of the yearly Patterns’ [Wexford colloquialism for annual visitation of cemeteries] I think she inherited Toberona House from Pat of the ‘Dairy’. She had been a very long-term girlfriend of Pat. I remember visiting Pat with Eileen when he was very ill in hospital. His bright blue eyes stood out so clearly, as I made a remark to his sister about same. I was glad to have encountered Pat Murphy. He too, as with the rest of the Murphy’s was also of very gentle disposition.

    I kept referring to Kathleen Mahon in the last discussion, and I know that she would be the best one to contact again re: seeking records. She would be very familiar with the priest in Courtnacuddy, which I pointed out earlier is a half parish of Davidstown. I know that people refer to the latter as Davidstown as opposed to St. Davids.

    An observation: I see that there was a ‘Bridget Mullett’ mentioned in the 1911 census. She was 28 years old. It was the done thing for people to be called after kith and kin who went before them. ‘John’ also has cropped up?

    Update: 20/11/12

    Eliza Cullen born 1850s Wexford
    « on: Thursday 19 April 12 21:01 BST (UK) »
    Is there anyway of confirming my great great grandmother’s parents? Her date of birth varies wildly in the various census records and her death record so all I can say with confidence is that she was married to Patrick Cain (although he is Peter in Liverpool census records!) on 22 February 1863 in St Anthony’s, Liverpool.

    In 1871 census her age is given as 28, in 1881 her age is 33 (she is listed as Louisa but it is her) and when she died in 1887 she was listed as 36! I haven’t found either of them on the England census prior to 1871. The 1881 census says she comes from Wexford.

    On the Liverpool marriage record her parents are given as James and Catherine Cullen. I would love to be able to confirm this and possibly get her mother’s maiden name. Any other info about them would be a bonus!

    See RootChat.com here


    Update: 22/11/12

    Joseph CAIN St Columban parent mentioned at bap/birth of Francis 11 Apr 1869 / / 8 Apr 1869 approx. born 8 Apr 1869.
    married to Bridget Mullet. See rootsweb: here

  10. Pingback: Davidstown, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, Ireland | Marie-Thérèse O'Loughlin Goldenbridgeinmate39

  11. I know this is a very old thread but if any of you do read this I hope I can help. I’m originally from davidstown and Patrick Hennessy was my great uncle. I grew up living right next to him until his death. Anyway I actually have a copy of davidstown courtnacuddy a parish history I know not many copies remain so if you would like any help of any kind you can contact me at cath.powles@btinternet.com

    Cath Powles

  12. I’ve sent Catherine a note about my family. The names, Cain. Doyle, Mullett and O’Rourke, I believe they are all from Enniscorthy, and Davidstown, Wexford, Ireland. I hope she will find information I can use from the booklet she referred to in your note about the 1900 parish record.
    Pat Cain
    Wheaton, IL

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