The chap in the photo won an international scholarship worth more than a quarter of a million dollars, that saw him become a fully fledged geophysicist and seismologist (PhD) well before he was 30 years old. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be flown out free-gratis from one country to another by a university, and be given in the aftermath a lucrative job position. His father before him was once a director of WHO. They’re a tough act to follow. That’s what becomes of loving education. Sadly, his father was planning on entering politics before he died in his mid-fifties. Education was everything to him. He reached the zenith of his career in the Canadian government and was a fluent French speaker. He was thirsty for knowledge and did more and more studies throughout his life. The brother of the chap in the photo is very similar to the father. He was a barrister and then went on to become a doctor and is very interested in medico-legal studies. All before reaching the age of thirty-five. He was very active in his student days in debating societies that won him competitions and subsequently took him to prestigious universities around the globe. He goes globe-trotting on medical conferences, which have taken him to far-off flung Oriental /African countries. The latest one was to the furthest European country in the western hemisphere. It’s reading stories about people such as these that give me great encouragement to go on and work hard for the leaving cert. Study and travel the world and get to wear a T-shirt with a Stanford logo was/is their motto. Yeah, Stanford. Rules. Okay!

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