Hamlet 2 – by OB

OB says on Hamlet 2

Shakespeare was unique in that way, you know. He was not only an actor, he was also a shareholder, in the company and in the theater. His company was unique in owning its own theater, and he was unique as a playwright in being also a player and an owner. Ben Jonson did some acting, but as an employee, not as an owner.

The admin at National Education Network says here

People had been watching and performing plays for centuries, groups of strolling players had been performing on the back of a cart, in inn yards or market places, but in Elizabethan England the commercial theatre was a new innovation.

In 1576 the first purpose built theatre was erected in Shoreditch called ‘The Theatre’ by James Burbage. The Theatre did well and within a year ‘The Curtain’ was built. In 1585 Philip Henslowe and Edward Alleyn built ‘The Rose’ in Southwark.

At the end of the 1590’s ‘The Theatre’ was dismantled and moved to the south of the river, where it became known as ‘The Globe’, the best known Elizabethan Theatre because of its association with Shakespeare, who owned a share of it.

I remember reading in James Shapiro’s book about the chaos that occurred regarding the dismantlement of the wood from old theatre. It had to be taken away at the dead of night and hidden for months on end because of some debt owing or other. I shall go in search of the exact details pertaining to same.

Well, I couldn’t come with the information I read in James Shapiro’s book about a year in the life of Shakespeare in 1599. However I found instead some intriguing stuff on The Globe theatre at e-notes here

Review: 1599 by James Shapiro | Books | The Guardian

3 Minutes: Hamlet – Séamus Kennedy

Hamlet: butterfliesanswheels.org


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