Paddy Doyle Interview 1989

I bet Paddy never thought that when he was a participant in this television programme in 1989 that it would be the start of gargantuan investigations into institutional child abuse. Or, that he would be on twittersphere in 2012 telling the world about a memorial that was going up in a very historical Irish landmark area in honour of survivors of industrial *schools* (and hopefully Magdalen laundries and mother & baby homes.)

Read: A memorial to victims of institutional abuse

@MarieTherese39 The evidence was all around them today. Very specific images of what the memorial will be like. They could have used them. View conversation

@MarieTherese39 For such a major event it reflects badly on RTE that they barely gave it a mention on the ‘Six One News”and nothing on the 9  View conversation

Rachel Zegerman retweeted you

My reaction to Memorial is one of utter amazement. I think it’s fantastic. I hope Magdalen laundries, Bethany & Regina Ceoli are dealt with?

Rachel Zegerman

@MarieTherese39 Thanks so much for the RT. It seems to me that RTE just don’t get the significance of the Memorial to People who were abused Expand


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