Two of a kind?

I don’t know why above banner is still on railings outside front of Donnybrook church on N11 road to Wexford, as the IEC is over and done with these last few days? Incidentally, this photo was taken at the church where Dr. Garrret Fitzgerald’s [ex-Fine-Gael Taoiseach] memorial mass took place just over a year ago. I saw a sign that said the church was built in 1886. I must find out its history. I’m very partial to old buildings.

This poster appears very controversial. It’s presently doing its rounds on Dublin buses. I must find out from whence its source derives, as there is no link given. I went into the bus depot in Donnybrook to find out information pertaining to the advert, the kind assistant referred me to Adshell Farrell Advertising. I asked him if I could get a proper photo, but he said that it would not be possible for me to wander around the yard for insurances purposes, which is very understandable. If there is anyone out there who could give me information on this bus advert, or give me feedback, I’d be try grateful; it’s all par for the course, with respect of media studies for the Leaving Cert. Not to mention women’s rights of which I’m a fierce advocate.

Observations: Abortion and her life apart are in bold capital letters and are indicative of death.

Tears signify, not only surgical tears that bleed = red writing but also tears of regret and pain.

The red background against the white is offering hope. White = purity. Purity of life? Red = passion?

Always is underlined in white?

I think there is a girl to the right of the picture whom the advert is speaking.

I can’t decipher contents in red on the right? I’ll have a google and see if any more light can be shed on the advert.


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