Abortion Adverts in Dublin

I was very much puzzled by adverts I saw on buses in town. So, after trying desperately to get some decent photos of same as they drove through O’Connell St. I gave the whole thing up as a bad job. So, decided googling instead to see if some more light could be shed on subject matter.

Low and behold. I discovered this article in the Huffington Post UK | By  Posted: 18/06/2012.

A Pro-Life campaign rolled out in Dublin promoting the idea that abortion “tears lives apart” has attracted strong criticism for increasing the shame and stigma attached to the issue, with the nation’s advertising watchdog receiving scores of complaints.

Hundreds of the adverts, designed by pro-life group Youth Defence, have appeared on billboards, buses and the louas, Dublin’s tram service.

The two styles of poster, one featuring the face of a distraught woman…

and another showing a foetus sucking its thumb, are emblazoned with the phrase ‘Abortion tears her life apart. There’s always a better answer.’ The pictures appear torn in two in echo of the campaign’s message.

Now that I come to think of it, I vaguely remember seeing this advert recently in Henry St., and being concerned about it. I also remember RCC conservatives handing out terrifying abortion pamphlets in the past, and connected the two together.

Not only are the pictures torn so as to bring home a message, but actual billboards have been defaced completely.

Frances Ryan guardian.co.uk, Monday 25 June 2012 21.00 BST:

Protesters are left with no choice over anti-abortion ads… 

The ads, produced for anti-abortion group Youth Defence and appearing across Ireland, are not only scaremongering but untrue: the majority of women who have had an abortion say that in retrospect it was the right decision. Yet, there is nobody for pro-choicers to complain to about this fact, given the Irish Advertising Standards Authority’s decision that the billboards, being neither commercial nor overtly political, fall outside its jurisdiction. Protesters have taken direct action – writing pro-choice messages on the posters, throwing paint, or tearing them down.

Read more here

According to Anti-abortion campaign Dublin Youth Defence the billboards will remain in place for a month.

Ireland’s abortion laws are the strictest in Europe, and anti-abortion group Youth Defence has launched a national campaign that urges women with crisis pregnancies to seek any option but abortion. The ads have attracted widespread criticism from those who believe it’s wrong to take away a woman’s choice.

Choice Ireland spokesperson Stephanie Lord had this to say about Youth Defence:

“If their concern for women was genuine they would not spend the large costs of these billboards on trying to make women feel bad about the choices they have made.”

See more images and more in depth details on controversy here

I’m with Stephanie Lord all the way.

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Updated: 29/6/12

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David Robert Grimes on the bad science of Ireland’s anti-abortion ‘Youth Defence.


H/t: @opheliabenson

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