Frieda Hughes: Artist

This painting of her [divorced] husband, László Lukács, by Frieda Hughes is just one of 15 ‘pieces of me’ displayed by the poet and artist at

What an interesting concept. What 15 pieces of ephemera would you present to display yourself? Frieda shows us a couple of her paintings, Wellington boots mixed with high heels, a favourite jacket from childhood, and – a cement mixer! I think mine would feature CDs and books and mementos and letters.

See here for more brilliant paintings of this ilk. Frieda attended St Martin’s School of Art as a mature (25-year-old) student.

And that is what I have been doing: cracking open my shell for a voice. Until now, those cracks have been small, not letting in a great deal of light on my life or family matters, since they were personal.

Read the rest of very informative Telegraph 2002 article here.

Despite all the grief Frieda had to go through in her young life, her talents, like those of her very gifted parents shone through. She is such an inspiration. I’m thrilled to have come across somebody like her, that in the face of adversity, she’s able to stand up and be counted. I was so beguiled and touched by the poetry of her mother and can well fathom now why she’s on the Irish Leaving Cert curriculum. I’m sorry to hear of her divorce from the equally gifted Hungarian artist László Lukács. [His father restored priceless items at the Vatican city.]


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