Laundry time-out

As I was sitting on a bench waiting for washing to be finished in the utility-room, I surveyed my immediate surroundings. It looked like this magpie found itself a chunk of bread.

This snail was resting beside me. I made sure not to disturb it. I learned from experience.

Here is a cat also enjoying her comforts. She usually rests beside the roots of the trees.

I would have called this post tranquility in the mundanity until I saw that this cat – who looked like offspring of above – was in static mode, as it just stared me down, as if to say, “I’m ready in the waiting to flee at any opportunistic moment.” Perhaps the protruding camera lens on top of my presence may have scared her/him? S/he looks more than a trifle like Oisin, a wild white cat I once had when living in the country.

This is another nice lilly I didn’t even have to go to a neighbours’ house to take it. It’ a solitary lily growing right under my balcony.

This photo shows clearly the overcast day that was in it. The sky, though, is a lovely bluey/greyish colour.

I like this one too. The magpies share the same colour green as the mallard ducks and the oil-slick green tint that one sees on pigeons.

This is my balcony. It’s very continental. Morning, noon and night there is life in the form of magpies, crows, but no robins, as they’ve been chased out of the territory by the aforementioned. The trees around are breeding havens for the magpies. I have to confess that I’ve been trying to get some really close-ups of the magpies, but they do not hang around for long. I put out some biscuit crumbs to lure them. I know this is the wrong kind of food to give them. Mind you, at this time of year they should be self-foraging. My quest for a good shot was not very moralistic where the birds are concerned; just because everybody else throws out the wrong kind of food does not mean that I can follow suit and justify it with that argument.

Anyway, I couldn’t get a close-up photo as they scarpered the minute there was any slight movement. I ended up instead with one of a crow. This bird reminds me of a very young one I saw on the footbridge. It had a big beak like this one, although not in the same colour. It has a tuft of hair to the centre. I didn’t even have to move away from the laptop to get this shot. I took it through the French windows.


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