Rex Harrison: Laburnum Cottage connections

I took a better photo of Laburnum Cottage, Donnybrook. I was told by a neighbor who lives beside the footbridge, that it was once a kind of home to Rex Harrison whenever he was in Ireland. A local historian confirmed this story and told me that the owner of they house at the time in question was one Dorothy Prescott. I’d initially gone to the back of the house to take some photos of the lovely flowers. Due to a preservation order external pale pink-washed walls have to be painted in said colour. I’d gather that they’re probably also not allowed to put in PVC windows. As I can see the far window is closed off with shutters. They remind me of the ones at my mothers old abode and  houses in Switzerland. A lot of my Goldenbridge contemporaries abhor big old houses, because of reminders of the past. Not so me – I absolutely adore old rambling houses to more modern ones.

This one lies at the bend of cul-de-sac. I was first drawn to it by the tree that filled in a parking space. I was glad to see that the cars did not take precedence in this neat little hideaway spot. Unbeknownst to me at the time of this photo a couple of weeks ago I was not cognisant of the famous connection. There are a row of small houses to the left and more modern ones facing the road where I stood taking the snapshot.

And here. I must get a better photo next time, as this one is blurred to the right. It was a dull day when I took this photo and the flash caused the blurriness. I took photos and a tribute video of the gorgeous flowers growing in a garden enclave near where the cars are parked. They’re no more to be had.


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