The Jane Austen Inspired Doll

My friend Jenni Armstrong’s mother from Farnborough, Hants once made me a Jane Austen doll. With moving so often, it got lost along the way. The doll here is sort of like the one she made for me. As I’m in the throes of studying Emma for the Leaving Cert, I thought to put this lovely image up. It’s not cheap by any means at $595 H/t GWD

Jane Austen | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Goldenbridgeinmate39

Emma by Jane Austen | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin 

Jane Austen | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Goldenbridgeinmate39

17 | June | 2012 | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Goldenbridgeinmate39

Emma – by Jane Austen [Vol I] Molland’s Circulating Library | Marie 

Goldenbridgeinmate39 | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin 


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