Hello Kitty! Kitty Hello!

I’ve just spotted Hello Kitty nesting dolls. I was actually thinking would they come up with such an idea like this for this particular doll, as there is a similarity in Hello Kitty. My little secret is out, that is… I love all things, Hello Kitty. I have a toiletry bag and purse and lots of other things with the brand name. Well, I did own up to not having grown up before, so I do get to enjoy Hello Kitty. I’ve always adored white cats, anyway. Don’t pretend you saw this post at all. It’s not me going back to my second childhood. I never had a first one to begin with, so there, make of it what you will. I just adore these nesting dolls, along with the others that I’ve posted.

I had two white cats once and they were as different as chalk and cheese. They were mother and daughter. I wanted to keep one only, but was left with no choice, as the daughter refused to be handled by anyone, even as a kitten. I tried so many times to pick her up to send her off to a new family, but she was having none it it. When I think back, she was dead right. Why should she be taken away from her mother when she did not want to be parted. The only one she responded to was her own kind and that was her mother. Luckily for her, she had all the space in the world to grow up, as it would never have done for her to be cooped up in a town-house or some such enclosed abode, given her wild nature. She wanted to be as free as a bird. I’d never seen a wild cat before Oisin, I’d given her a boy’s name, as I was certain that she was a he, because of her wild nature. I assumed wrong. Bainin, in comparison was such a lovable and softie character. She could charm the hind legs off the back of a donkey. She could also be manipulative with all her rubbing up to you, as you knew it was for food. Oisin, on the other hand was as independent to the core. She was expert at finding food in the line of prey for herself and shared it with her mother. She made no song and dance when she caught a mouse, unlike Bainin, who had to be seen to be charging into the homestead, as soon as she pounced on her prey to show you how marvellous she was indeed. The two of them were inseparable, and despite Oisin’s aloofness she would tag along with Bainin when I went out into the corn and beet-fields. They loved hiding in the depths of the long straw and running up to let you know they were still to be had. They had tremendous freedom running around in the fields and even sitting on the big bales of fresh straw and hay. I never tired being amused by their antics. It used to fascinate me when they walked with me up as far as the paddock field entrance gate. They knew that was as fas as they were going. I often watched hem going along the hedge-lines intermittently marking out their territory and dare any stranger attempt to darken the vast area. It must have been very wearing on them having to do it. I loved watching them at the entrance gate when I came home and see their cat’s luminous eyes all lit up. From the distance they saw it was me and they got all excited. I remember one time when it was dark going up the long avenue after seeing them and was concentrating on the light coming from their eyes. I was in for a nasty surprise, as it wasn’t me they were waiting for that time, it was the rat who decided to trip me up as I neared the little pond close to the homestead. They sometimes crept up to the pond and tried to catch the rats, but I don’t think they succeeded, as they were far too large. There were also a lot of birds who came at a certain time of year, and they spend their time chasing them, they had a good life. I missed them so much after they died in such an unnatural tragic way. Nature in the end was never allowed to take its course.

I always had a very busy time trying to get homes for Bainin’s litters. The townies loved the white cats and there was never any trouble finding good homes. What amazed me, was one time seeing how Oisin took over the role of mother when Bainin sometimes rejected some of her litter. She would take over completely. She turned out to be so loyal. I had the height of respect for her. It’s not always the ones who cuddle up to you who turn out to be the best in the end, it can be those who are on the periphery and mindful of every move, and see things long-term. I was very sad when they died. Oisin got knocked down by a passing car on the bend of the road as she was crossing to go into the far fields on the opposite site of the road. Bainin also soon afterwards died of poison that would have been laid down by a farmer. It was heartbreaking to see how they’d be taken away when they were in their prime. The very freedom that was theirs, was also the very thing that denied them their existence. I often wonder had they both gone to a home in the town would they in all likelihood have lived to a ripe old age? Hindsight is 20/20 vision? I was glad to get some images of them in the beet- fields, which I can look back on with fond memories. Perhaps that could be the reason why I like Hello Kitty cats, because they subconsciously remind me of Bainin and Oisin?!


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