Kokeshi Dolls – Wooden Japanese Dolls

I learned from reading up on babooschka dolls that their derivation source began with Kokeshi dolls. See: last post link here. Kokeshi Dolls – Wooden Japanese Dolls. Kokeshi is known as one of the most important traditional folk arts of Japan. With its origins from Northern Japan, Kokeshi are traditional handmade Japanese dolls made of wood. The Kokeshi has a simple trunk and a comparatively large head. Traditionally, the face is defined by sparse painted lines. The body bears a floral design, usually in colours of black, red, yellow, and even purple. The trunk is normally covered with wax. The artist’s signature is usually found at the bottom of the doll. The Kokeshi doll has a unique feature. It has no arms and legs. See more here. [When I’ve finished reading a few chapters of Emma – by Jane Austen, I shall look forward to viewing the two videos. They look very interesting.]
Here is part two:


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