‘We’ are so sorry for what ‘some of us’ did to ‘your’ children?

This stone is placed outside the RDS in Dublin. We are so sorry for what some of us did to your children. They could be talking about any Tom, Dick or Harry, if it was not for the opening giveaway word, Lord, and also the small print at the end of the stone. Who are ‘we’ and ‘some of us’? They are whoever they are indeed, being very ambiguous, from my standpoint, anyway.

Your children meaning the Lord’s children, not the children of worldly parents.

Let us write our apology in stone for all the world to see. However, in so doing we mustn’t dare mention who those earthly beings were who were very naughty in the eyes of the world. Naming and shaming rules not!

The religious hierarchy from the top down, on behalf of all erring priests, bishops and nuns apologise profusely to children and parents and society at large for so cruelly and systematically sexually/emotionally/mentally/physically abusing children for decades, especially in their hour of need. The bishops, priests and nuns responsible and those who turned a blind eye, have left them with a life-long legacy of suffering and pain. So sayeth me. Amen.

I deliberately repeated erring priests, bishops and nuns and did not hide behind they as, they do, behind the stone. It’s ironic that they should put a stone there in the first place and seek to hide behind it? The religious still refuse to own up and come cleanPerhaps the stone would become too much of a reminder of the truth, which they wouldn’t want staring them in the face? Who knows!

Yeah, they’re so Christian and happy to be fortified on anachronistic Holy Formulas Ie., “..we beseech thee, O Lord, our actions by thy holy inspirations and carry them on by thy gracious assistance.” And when they’ve finished saying these morning work prayers…” The old-fangled, antediluvian, passé, démodé would begin again at noon with the Angelus. “…We beseech thee O lord thy grace into our hearts that we to whom the incarnation of Christ thy son was made known by the blessed virgin, etc. Made by his passion and cross…”  What’s to be expected with a mindset that has been fed obsolete; out of the ark Holy Formulas throughout their lives. They just don’t know any different – that’s for sure.

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