Emma by Jane Austen

Chapter V (5) Mr. Knightley and Mrs. Weston talk about Emma and Harriet
Chapter VI (6) – Emma works on her scheme, and sends Mr. Elton to London on important business
Chapter VII (7) – Mr. Robert Martin declares himself
Chapter VIII (8) – Mr. Knightley gives his opinion of Harriet’s dilemma.

I’ve read four more chapters of Emma by Jane Austen. I’ve linked to the Internet chapters, so as to be able to refresh my mind accordingly. Mr. Knightley, who visits Emma and her father, Mr. Woodhouse regularly is not only a friend, but is connected via marriage of  his brother to Isabella, Emma’s older sister. Ordinarily, so, Emma and Mr. Knightley get on like a house on fire, but this one time there is huge disagreement regarding Harriet Smith, who is a bosom pal of Emma and of whom the latter has been frequenting the house on a regular basis of late. Harriet is a young boarder at a school owned by Ms. Goddard, who is also a friend and frequent visitor to the house at the request of the father. In fact, it was via the latter that Emma initially got to know young Harriet, when Ms. G asked permission to bring her on one of the routine visits. Anyway, the disagreement between them is over a beau or two in this case. Mr. Knightley’s tenant farmer has asked in letter format for the hand of Harriet, who is only seventeen and who does not know her parentage, except that her father must be of some importance to have placed her in a rather expensive fee-paying school. Mr. Knightley thinks it’s a grand idea, as there won’t be many opportunities out there for Harriet given her familial background. He also was a confidante of Mr. Martin, who wishes to betrothed Harriet, whom he knows very well, as she has frequented the farm on holidays, as she’s friendly with Mr. Martin’s two sisters.

Part 1 – Emma by Jane Austen (Vol 1: Chs 01-09)

Jane Austen | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Goldenbridgeinmate39


Jane Austen | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Goldenbridgeinmate39

17 | June | 2012 | Marie-Thérèse O’Loughlin Goldenbridgeinmate39

Emma – by Jane Austen [Vol I] Molland’s Circulating Library | Marie 



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