Eglinton Rd. Donnybrook Flowers.

I took a stroll down Eglinton Rd. today in the pouring rain. It’s a typical pattern of behaviour of mine. I particularly wanted to see the flowers that I did a video of in May of last year, and of which I subsequently used for a one year anniversary memorial tribute to ex-Taoiseach Garret Fitzgerald. FG. I saw these flowers and was so taken aback with joy, irrespective of them almost drooping down to the ground and me saturated to the bone to boot. I got excited and was thinking are these flowers connected to the ones that I filmed last year? I thought perhaps not because of them being so low-down, but then the rain would automatically do that to them. Update: I’ve just looked at the video and they are from the same tree. As an aside – see first Eglinton Rd. home of GF here that went under the hammer last year.

A woman parked her car beside near where I was taking photos. She came over to me and I told her how beautiful the flowers were. She said they belonged to her, that she got them from Helen Dillon’s garden. ‘Oh’, I cried, ‘is that the same celebrity gardner?’ she said, ‘yes’. She then said that I was welcome to take cuttings from them in July. I thanked her profusely. I went on to tell her that en-route to Garret Fitzgerald’s funeral last year I took some video footage and I was very nearly certain it was from the same tree as these flowers, unless there is another house with similar flowers.

She said that they would have been hers, assuredly, as sadly a lot of the houses on the road had got rid of their gardens. I thought it was such a pity. I did see an embassy or two and a splattering of surgeries, as I was meandering on this very beautiful road. So, I suppose that could be a reason for it.

Gosh, I’ve encountered so many kind people whilst out taking snapshots of flowers. It really gives one hope in humanity with all the unkindness that is about everywhere.

I think I shall have to contact Helen Dillon to find out the name of the flower. Or even better still, visit her garden, which is not too far away from where I reside.

Reading Emma by Jane Austen and surveying these flowers intermittently would definitely be my cup of cha.


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