Emma: Jane Austen

I read four chapters of Emma by Jane Austen today. The story is set against the backdrop of a rural village, almost a town in Hartfield, just outside London during the early 1800s. The story centres around a twenty-one year old rich young lady called Emma Woodhouse. From a very young age she had been mistress of her valetudinarian father’s household.

Emma’s situation were the power of having rather too much of her own way. and a disposition to think too well of herself.

Her mother died when she was a very young girl.

However, she was more than adequately replaced by a governess who thought so much of her, even more so than that her one and only older sister.

The first chapter introduces the reader to Ms. Taylor, the governess, who has just married Mr. Weston a widower. Emma and her father were feeling the terrible wrench of her new status, as she’s been with the household for sixteen years. She was seen more of a friend than a governess, or like a sister to the girls.

Sorrow came – a gentle sorrow – but not in the shape of any disagreeable consciousness. Miss Taylor married. It was Miss Taylor’s loss which first brought grief. It was on this wedding day that Emma first sat in mournful thought of any continuance.


Chapter I (1) – Poor Miss Taylor! And Emma fixes her attention on the vicar

Chapter II (2) – Of Mr. Weston, his son, and the effects of wedding-cake on the constitution

Chapter III (3) – An evening-party at Hartfield, to which Emma invites Harriet Smith

Chapter IV (4) – Harriet has a beau, but Emma has a better idea



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