Pink is busting out all over Donnybrook on June bank holiday

This is a stunning photo. I took it at a garden in Donnybrook. I don’t know the name of the flower. It was sitting graciously on its own in the centre of the garden that was otherwise filled with an assortment of pebbles. The bouquet of flowers really stood out.

The name on wall plaque said: ‘Laburnum Cottage’, where I took this gorgeous photo and video in Donntbrook, see: below. The rain resembles tear-drops. 

I really like this one as well. I even managed to capture a large green fly on the largest rose. Not bad for a small Kodak camera. Wow, am pleased with the raindrop effects. It was pouring out of the heavens as I was taking these photos. However, that was the idea of taking them in the first instance. If a plain camera can create such lovely snapshots like this, well to me anyway, they are nice – the expert could think differently, what then could one expect from a professional camera such as an EOS 500D Canon of which I’m in the throes of getting shortly?

This is a close up of a flower at ‘Laburnum Cottage’

This is also a very nice image of a flower that came from a house nearby the Donnybrook footbridge. Just look at the way it curls itself up to protect from the onslaught of the lashing rain. So fragile.

The last one is of young fuchsias which are native to Sth America. This flower grows on hedgerows all over Ireland and most prolifically on the Western seaboard.


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