Dodder Donnybrook revisited.

I went down to my favourite spot late this afternoon and took some more photos. I can never get enough of them. Every day the mood changes. I really like this sultry one. The sun was peeping through the trees and it was a very bright day, but it was the way I kept deliberately trying to keep out the light that caused me to get this kind of picture.

This is also a very nice one. One would think it was taken well into night-time. The waterfall was real wild. I took some video footage, which is momentarily in the process of being imported to YouTube. I was surprised that the batteries in the small camera lasted as long as they did, as I’d been on the main N11 Wexford road taking a lot of coverage of the women’s mini marathon.This one is much brighter, as I said the sun was peeping in through the trees and I wanted to play on that fact with the light.

Last but not least. This one is even brighter again and all taken in the one spot. The pictures are so scenic and done on the spur of the moment. I’m so pleased with the video here. I hope whoever chances to pass by this way, will enjoy the peace and tranquility of both the scenery and music respectively.

I seem to be transported back to St. Joseph’s holiday home in Rathdrum when I go here. I must really take the bus down to Rathdrum one of these fine days, and also to Glendalough and take some videos. I really enjoy creating them despite sometimes feeling uncomfortable by the nervousness of onlookers, who can get very jittery when they see someone with a camera. I keep also promising to go off to the sea-side in Bray, which is only a few miles out the road. I adore H/t Helen O’ Hara’s moving music.

I find that I’m automatically forced to write some form of commentary when I create the  very amateur videos and it seems to help me with writing skills. I do not haver to think about what to write, as the subject matter is to hand; and it is made easier for someone in adult literacy education. Writing does not come easy at all. Reading is the best form of learning how to put words together, but this is another way that can help. I would recommend it to all those like myself who want to help themselves with writing skills.


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