A tribute to survivors of Goldenbridge industrial *school*

To survivors of Goldenbridge: Whenever you feel the world lets you down and it is not a friendly place; just think back on the days when you were children in Goldenbridge and the fighting spirit you had developed then in order to survive. The world then was a very cold, dark, dank place, and if you were able to get through it all as little children, to arrive at the stage of reading this tribute, then there is surely no reason why you can’t, yet again, recall, and hold on to those survival skills and try to plod on irrespective of the unfriendliness of the world. They are only thoughts now, triggered by the unfriendliness you had to withstand every day of your Goldenbridge lives. Survivors went out into an alien world as young teenagers and had to discover it for themselves without the help of parents, relatives and friends. So don’t be afraid to directly challenge those in the world who were protected and cushioned by life growing up, when they appear to want to treat you as nonentities, or not worthy of acknowledgement.

It was drummed into all of you throughout your whole incarceration period in that hellhole that you were good for nothing; stupid; amadán, dunces; smelly wet-the-bed articles, óinseachs (female idiots) twits, crackawleys, not worthy of education, offspring of fallen women. You were considered worse than the soldiers who killed Christ; balubas, not the full shilling, there was a want in you, by those who were privileged enough to be educated. The ruling classes, by that very virtue, always have the power to put perceived underlings down, because they appear to believe they’re more superior; more clever, more learned and more worthy beings of running the world. They kept you in your place from childhood and onwards. They will be found not only in religion, but in schools of higher learning. Remember it was Carysfort college, Blackrock, Dublin, who produced the mindset, which went on to damage the minds of thousands and thousands of survivors of Goldenbridge. They were taught not to get attached to children in their care. Showing signs of loving children was considered too wordily and they were called only to love god. Despite chanting eternally Suffer Little Children to come unto me. So, whenever you feel that this world lets you down, just look to the beauty of nature’s flowers, landscape and animals and think that you have as much right to share this earth with them and as much also with the ones who might want to swallow you up, because they appear to send out the vibes that you are not worthy enough to be on the same planet earth. You’ve worn the T-shirt, and have been there and done all the underling stuff and come out the other end. So kudos to you all! Don’t let the so-called ubermench rule!


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