The Dodder Donnybrook Dublin May 2012

Dodder Donnybrook Dublin tributary

When I filmed this yesterday afternoon on one side of the Dodder some people appeared out of nowhere into my camera space. I was hugely surprised, as I thought it was a completely blocked off un-inhabitable area given the waterfall and huge rocks. I was so curious. I made sure to investigate and hopefully get some close-up footage.

Dodder Donnybrook Dublin tributary

Dodder Donnybrook Dublin tributary 28th May 2012

Surprise! Surprise! That I did get eventually. It can be seen in last post. The contrast of the film from two opposite divides is amazing. The two different angles created their own story. It was ‘a little piece of heaven’, as my old friend Joan Doyle-Ryan would say. This picture shows the still pond that was directly feeding water into the Dodder by way of the waterfall.

The film is presently a bit distorted? Perhaps it needs time to settle into WordPress. It’s perfectly okay in YouTube.

As I was filming, one of the chaps’ seated on the massive slab of rock, pointed his finger into the water. (I’d only found that out later when I saw the film. However, it’s rather ironic regarding the genesis and aftermath of that particular action at the Dodder. The raison d’être: I went over to where the trio were after I discovered the way. I filmed and then asked the trio if it was okay to credit them as they were in the footage. One of them kindly thanked me for asking, but smiled and said that they’d rather not give their names. I told them that there was no need to worry, as they will only be in it for a few seconds. They didn’t seem to mind.

The chap seated on the slab then said that they’d just seen a big trout. I asked how big? I then proceeded to tell them that I was at St. Stephen’s Green the day before and saw a very young pike and a lot of roaches and too many sea-gulls. I went on to say that there was a heron lording over the pond waiting to pounce on the wee roaches, and also slyly lurking about at the waters edge was a young pike waiting patiently like a stalker to snatch a roach or two. They thought it was very funny. I pointed out all the freedom they would have if they knew about this hideout. I told them that the sea-gulls have invaded the pond because of the illegal fishing practices out at sea and were sadly eating the very young ducks. It was also disgraceful the way people who think they’re being kind throw white bread to them. It can’t be good for their digestive systems.

It was upon learning about the trout that I pieced together the hand that was pointing in the water direction in the film. In other words had I never ventured across to where the trio were I could have only assumed that the chap seated on the slab was pointing at a fish. I would not have known it was a trout. It is surreal how it panned out that way.

I must find out where I can do a professional recording of this song and use it for my own amateur videos. It’s so simple to sing. I always got terrific feedback whenever I sang this song in public. Christine Buckley offered to get me professional singing lessons years ago, from the famous Veronica Dunne. I turned down the offer, as too with ballet, it’s really a young persons game.


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