The Dodder Donnybrook May 2012

I took this film footage at the Dodder in Donnybrook on Saturday afternoon. I found upon playing it that it was really relaxing and refreshing. I think the green leaves springing out of the wall of the bank adds a little extra colour. As I was viewing it a lot of memories from my childhood at St. Joseph’s holiday home in Rathdrum, Co Wicklow came to the fore. There was a special leafy stony area within the confines of the home where the children played. There were all sorts of nooks and crannies there. It was a little alley-way nearby the oratory that was covered in dead leaves and stones. I think there could have been an old haggard there as well. I really liked getting lost down there on my own. I’m always on my own. There was no pressure, no human beings to worry about, just mother nature to soak up and enjoy. I get this kind of joy when I go to wooded areas as well. The only place I felt at peace in my childhood was at this holiday home, not because of the staff, but because of the freedom that was experienced when we were let outdoors to play in the area of the holiday home. We were not allowed outside the gates, but it did not matter as we could get a view of the outside world as the walls made sure of that. I would have thrived far better in a country industrial school than I did at the enclosed Goldenbridge prison like camp where we were virtually locked away behind a prison wall.


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