St. Stephen’s Green Dublin: Pike Heron and Roaches May 2012

I watched a young pike and some roaches for a long while at St. Stephen’s Green. There were also a lot of very interested onlookers who were fascinated at the size of the very young fish – which was huge in comparison to the tiny roaches.There was a heron sitting on a rock way out into the distance; and only waiting eagerly with prying eyes to catch a roach or two. It appeared to be lording over the whole pond and pounced on would-be-prey a lot of times before it finally got what it wanted. The young pike near the waters-edge where I was situated was also trying desperately to camouflage itself amongst all the evergreen algae. It too was waiting patiently to pounce on the roaches who were swimming right in its midst. Alas, the pike was getting a raw deal trying to keep a low profile, as some young boys eagerly wanting to see the enormity of the young pike, kept throwing bread and sticks at it in order to shift it from its safety patch. Typical behaviour of young boys in their pursuit of knowledge. Methought: beat the bejasus out of the curiosity piece in sight to satisfy their own selfish boyish immature egos. The herd mentality cancelled out any empathetic behaviour. The need to know all about the pike caused it to suffer because of the innumerable lads flinging branch sticks from the nearby tree. The thoughtless behaviour seemed so at variance with the wonderment they exuded in wanting a glimpse of the fish. The onlookers, including small children were all so mesmerised with the pike who stood out because of its height. A young man waited patiently for a very long time with a professional camera so as to hopefully get snapshots of the pike as he hoped would pounce on the roaches. Alas -or maybe not for the roaches – because of said commotion with the boys, the pike and the roaches had to scarper. The roaches who were grouped together suddenly swam off frantically, so perhaps without their thinking, the boys may have saved their lives for yet another day. As begob that pike was well hidden amongst the algae and it would have been sooner rather than later that it got its wish just like the heron who wag getting all the luck. Everybody was watching what everybody else was doing and waiting only to pounce and gobble them all up. Sounds familiar! I gobbled all this footage. I hope viewers like it. It was very fruitful seeing nature at play at St. Stephen’s Green on a gorgeous May late afternoon.


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