Dodder Donnybrook Dublin Tributary May 2012

I found this very intriguing spot not too far from where I reside in Donnybrook. It is a little peace of natural Heaven that is hidden away. It is also a tributary source of water that flows into the Dodder. I was on the far side of the main road filming for ages. I then suddenly spotted three people arrive on the waterfall scene that I’d been honing in on from afar. I just knew then that I had to have a piece of the close-up action. As the camera I have would be useless for professional photography. It’s not bigger than a hand-held mobile phone, so obviously doesn’t have appropriative lens to film at long distances that was required for the job to hand. I was trying to make the best of a bad job. I knew that it was impossible to get close -up images that were needed. I was clueless as to know how to get there. So I took a stroll over the other side via the footbridge and low and behold I kept walking and about five minutes later I saw this very dark narrow gap surrounded by even darker woods and thought if I ventured down there that I might just have a spot of luck. It was too not long afterwards that I could hear the flowing of maddening water and was thrilled to bits. I’d landed on something so interesting. I climbed over the cliff-style walls and started timing what you see here. I told the people that you see here that I was putting it up on YouTube. They didn’t mind, but said it would be better if they did not give their names. So sorry lads for reigning in on your parade. They looked like they were doing business. They pointed out to me that I’d just missed seeing the trout. I then told them about the young pike and the tiny roaches that were in St. Stephen’s Green. It has just donned on me that this would be a real hideaway for photos for fashion magazines.

Nearby Dodder footbridge Donnybrook Dublin 28th May 2012

Nearby Dodder footbridge Donnybrook Dublin 28th May 2012

This is a photo of the Dodder, which is just beside the footbridge where I took lots of videos over the past week.

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