The Dodder Donnybrook Dublin May 2012

I don’t know if I took this yesterday or the day before, as I took quite a few similar ones at the Dodder over the last two days. The water is really gushing madly in this one and making really loud wild music. This was the idea of taking it in the first place, so I’m thrilled with the result. It was not that easy trying to take the footage on the very narrow footbridge. I had to keep wondering if there was somebody going to keep walking across and interrupt me in the process. Or would they politely be standing at the edge not wanting to disrupt me. All so inevitable in such a small confined space. Mind you, I found that people were very tolerant and kind and even got into pleasant conversation with me. Just like people are won’t to on buses or when out strolling.

There was one particular nice friendly well-spoken woman who was dashing across in excitement to meet her twin-sister who is home on holiday with her husband from Uganda. We got into a great conversation about the cultural nature of the people, or rather she did, as I don’t know much about them except about what I’ve read in the media concerning the horrible oppression and corruption during the reign of Idi Amin. The kind lady said that the foreign aid money that was sent into the country was not spent on the people, that they didn’t even have the means for electricity. She also told me that when they come upon white people that all they see are dollar signs and they charge them extraordinary amounts  for accommodation. Her twin-sister and husband are paying almost a thousand dollars a month for accommodation. Apparently that amount of money on a monthly basis would make the average Ugandians very rich. She said that when money is handed over for goods that it can be passed on to ten hands before the goods are given and with that no change is given. It’s apparently a cultural thing.

I was amazed at the amount of bikers that passed over the bridge whilst filming, they would apologise profusely and say that they would squeeze pass me so as not to disturb me, not thinking of course that in saying such that they were automatically spoiling the film. Anyway, that’s all part of the photography game. I took the film with my plain tiny hand-held Kodak camera, not much larger than a mobile phone. So am pleased with the result. I was telling the kind lady that I had wanted to create the image on a grander scale of that of the waterfall ornaments that would buys for holistic reasons. She knew exactly what it was it was I was trying to do. I was pleased, as I’m sure there must have been people wondering what was this woman doing with her head bent over and hand outstretched into the Dodder. Enjoy!


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